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While Ben Kaufman may be in sunny California prepping for a little late night talk show, last night’s live product Eval lacked none of his enthusiasm. With the illustrious Nikki Kaufman at the helm, the Eval crowd discussed and debated 11 of the best ideas on the Quirky site, ultimately picking three to enter the product development process. You can watch the full recording of last night’s broadcast below, but for those on a tight schedule, here’s the lowdown on Quirky’s newest crop of inventors:

While we love improving products as much as the next guy, what really gets us going is an entirely new concept, and that’s exactly what inventor Carla Leming gave us. Her specialized Mixing Claw won the hearts and minds of Quirky’s baking enthusiasts, combining elements of both a spatula and a pastry mixer into a useful new tool. Now that the product has been officially selected, our community and design staff will soon get to work refining its form and function; we can’t wait to see (and taste!) the results.

As an artist and one-time designer for Lladró, inventor Tania Blanco is not afraid to challenge the status quo when seeking a solution. After traveling through Europe with her boyfriend, Tania was inspired to design a new kind of theft-proof backpack, and her reinvented rucksack with hidden zipper garnered enough votes for a thumbs-up at Eval. When development of the product begins, the design will fall into the hands of all-star soft goods designer Nina Lorusso: we recommend keeping an eye out for the community design phase, as it should be a fun one!

With 10 years of work experience at Apple under his belt, inventor Paul Patrocky knows his way around their products, so it comes at no surprise that he earned a spot at our Apple Accessories Eval. After identifying a key problem with the form factor of the Mac Mini, Paul submitted a flip stand concept that provides a decisive solution, earning a resounding response from both the community viewers and the Eval crowd. Considering the number of Mac Minis already in use at QHQ, it might not be very long before we start seeing tried-and-true prototypes in action.

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