Suspend Your Suds: Introducing… Hitch

Posted ago by Baron

Of all the spaces in a home, none pack more items into closer quarters than the family shower. Keep the tide of products in line with Hitch, a modular storage system for the bathroom that keeps your items exactly where you need them. Hitch’s adhesive mounts can be applied to any surface at any height, providing a solid base for a host of useful attachments. These helping hands range from a reusable bottle attachment for shampoo to a tray attachment for soap and razors, though the the mounts make convenient hooks in their own right. Neat freaks rejoice, for the shower has been officially tamed.

Frustrated by the bulk and grime of traditional shower caddies, inventor Mark Steiner put his design skills to work  crafting a more low-key solution. With some high-quality renders in tow, his concept for modular shower clips made quite a splash at Eval, and Hitch is now revved and ready to restore order in your bathroom (thanks in no small part to 221 community influencers). Head to Quirky’s Upcoming section to see more shots of Hitch in action, and to help us determine a price.

– Adhesive mounts that can be applied where you need them
– Reusable bottle attachment to hold shampoo, conditioner, or body soap
– Customizable label to keep track of your products
– Tray attachment to hold a razor and bar of soap
– Adhesive hook attachment that can hold brand-name bottles and other objects (3 lb. weight limit)
– Adhesive mounts can be used as hooks for loofahs, wash clothes, etc.
– Basic kit comes with 5 base hooks, 2 bottles, 1 tray, and 2 adhesive mounts

– Polypropylene adhesive holder and hook
– Polypropylene frame and Thermoplastic elastomer center for soap/razor trays
– Low-density polyethylene bottle with polypropylene cap

– Reusable Bottle: 95mm W x 210mm T x 45mm D (18 fluid ounces)
– Soap/Razor Tray: 154mm W x 90mm T x 25mm D
– Adhesive replaceable hook: 42mm diameter
– Adhesive holder: 42mm W x 42mm T x 8mm D

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.

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Baron Nagy
By the way, if you were wondering: Friday launches are no longer limited to Apple Accessories. We're pushing out more products than ever this year, so we've had to diversify launches in order to fit everything in! Thanks for understanding.
I WAS wondering that, Baron!
Jacky Breech
Will removing Hitches leave a tape residue or tape on the surface of the shower wall and if so on which types of surfaces? I believe this will be important to the consumer.
Patricia Archey
I NEED this product!!! I have been searching for something like this for years!!! I'm not even joking....if you are sending out any testers for trial/survey consumer feedback I would love to be considered!!! I also buy 'toiletries' that come with some kind of 'hook' or suction cup for my shower, such as razors with caddies to hold more cartridges and help hang razor in your shower. But they never work, they always seem to not even be able to stand the weight of the specific razor that they were not only built for, but sold in a package together!!! So if anyone wants this product to work it is me!!! I would give honest feed back and my fiancé has already been an approved product tester for other products on here. Please let me know if I can assist. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!
ty2013 tychouer
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