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Posted ago by Baron

This week’s brainstorm is all about storage, but not the kind of storage you’re probably thinking of. No sir, we’re talking bona fide 21st century storage solutions. The topics that will be brainstormed this week are:

- Macbook Case with Hard Drive Storage

- Diaper Bag with Nursing Blanket

If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us to explain. Every week, QDS blows a few product ideas wide open to kick off the design process. You can take part in that. Here’s how:

1. Topics are posted above. In your wildest dreams, what would be the perfect way to make that product? What should it do, and what problems should it prevent? It’s a brainstorm, so anything goes

2. Visit the QuirkyLive page at 6pm ET on Wed. Log into your Quirky account to join the discussion and share your input through the chat.

3. Can’t join the live brainstorm? Be sure to add your comments here before the start time, and we’ll have them in mind.

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me. v
Eco-friendly fabrics/No toxic fumes or chemicals for Diaper Bag with Nursery Blanket would be healthier. Stain Resistant maybe. Cooling fabric with foam padding for Macbook Case with Hard Drive Storage might be something to consider.
Mark Fusco
As a father, I can remember having to lug around all that stuff in a flowery bag when I had the children. It would be massively cool if this could have a unisex design about it and also include a way to additionally convert it into an easy changing station. Babies seem to have their magical "moments" at the most inconvenient times around unprepared dads.
I think that if the nursing blanket could zip, snap, off for washing that would be appealing to moms ~ even if the entire diaper bag is washable, I'd probably wash the blanket more. Also, the key to the design to me would be the blanket "tent" to be soft for my baby and the diaper bag handle to be comfortable around my neck while nursing. Lastly that it not seem overly complicated, it looks really easy on the video, so that is key too. thanks.
Lets connect the hard disk with protective case,and the protective case with computer's USB
william walker
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