Weekly Recap 1/21-1/25

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While every week sees its fair share of hustle and bustle at QHQ, we can’t help but feel that each week is busier than the last. The Quirky office has seen a lot of moving and shaking recently, as various teams prepare for the year ahead, and while many new projects and initiatives are not ready to be revealed, there’s still a great deal to talk about. For your weekend reading pleasure, here’s a review of some of the most important events at QHQ this week.

On the press front, Pluck is still leading the publicity charge, with features in the Oregonian, The Charlotte Observer, Designy Things and Dishtrip, along with a widely-watched segment on Dr. Oz. However, Pluck was not the only Quirky product to enter the media fray: Plug Hub got a loving shout out from Thrillist, Scoop and Portion made Glamour’s list of portion control gadgets, and the dynamic duo of Pivot Power and Pivot Power Mini scored a feature in a CBS Pittsburgh segment. Sandables also continued its gradual conquest of the internet, with features on both GizMag and DesignBoom. However, the week’s most astounding product shoutout undoubtedly came from Brit+Co., which featured a comprehensive round-up of 10 new Quirky products. We’re positively blushing.

In non-product related Quirky news, Maria Morrill was interviewed as a Spanish-speaking inventor on HuffPost Voces, and MSN Dreamchasers published a glowing feature on Quirky, including an exclusive interview with Ben Kaufman. Continuing his trend as a media darling, Ben also scored a spot on BusinessInsider’s list of 30 people to watch in tech. However, the week’s biggest press hit is one you’ve probably heard of, and better yet, one that has not yet launched: Ben Kaufman will be sitting in as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! The segment will air tonight on NBC, at 11:35pm EST sharp, so if you’re still up, we highly recommend you tune in!

In the the world of product development, the Quirky Design Staff chugged along with a number of new design and branding projects intended to push key new products towards manufacturing. Raft held a CMF phase prior to its launch on the Upcoming section, and Yolanda Jackson’s Fruit and Veggie Toppers launched a market research phase as it entered the design process. Further along, Spiral Sausage Slicer and BandNets launched their community design phases, so you can expect some stunning CMF’s from the design staff shortly. In a similar vein, both the Peel and Stick Corner Guards and the Ultimate Summer Beach Bag completed refine phases for their final designs: both have seen some major changes since their original ideations were accepted, and we can’t wait to see the final results.

On the blog, we kicked off the week with a Monday Design Tip that encouraged inventors to not only recognize, but fully understand the problems they’re trying to solve. We also announced a special Kitchen edition of Feedback Friday, which went quite swimmingly (you can watch the recorded broadcast on Monday!). In other news, we reported on the Quirky staff’s historic protest on behalf of Broom Groomer inventor Bill Ward, and announced a new blog resource dubbed Quirky University, which aggregates and organizes all of our educational content (we hope it serves you well). This week saw a slew of exciting product launches as well, with Level, Raft and Hitch all making their Upcoming page debuts.

And that, dear friends, is another week here at QHQ. Stay safe this weekend, watch Leno, and if you’re in the New York Area, stop by the modular design store MODULE R tomorrow, between 1pm and 4pm, to hang out with Quirky staffers as we eat cookies, demo products, and talk about everything invention! It’s shaping up to be a grand old time.


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...And that we're making Stilt!
bob wezer
put the jay leno clip online please
Baron Nagy
bob: you got it!
Didn't Carabandits just start shipping this week as well? I didn't catch it in the blog. Maybe I missed it, but if not, that's a pretty big deal too!
The Jay Leno spot with Ben was great...extra points for humor...way to go!
william walker
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