We’re Making This… Stilt

Posted ago by Invention Ambassadors

Stilt is moving into production! Our retailers are confident in the product, and it’s time to take this baby to market. Take a look at it in the Upcoming Section, and help us to determine its price by playing the Pricing Game.

Congratulations to Rene Diaz and all of the 663 community members that helped bring this product to life!

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CONGRATS!! Sleek looking.
I was robbed!
W00t W00t!
Blaine Warkentine
Pleased be this one through fast! I can't wait to get one! My stylus is worn out and this is just 10 times better. Congrats on another great product.
Congratulations, Gyro! See if they will allocate you some for reviews by various bloggers over time as they will unavoidably move on by next week. Regardless, insist they let you help them identify distribution opportunities in some way this time around as they will NOT leave no stone unturned and this item has very broad appeal.
Patricia Reid
I don't like the fact that it only fits the iPhone 5 and it only fits the iPhone 5 with no case on it! That limits the market a lot!
Sharon Marie Arter
Congrats! Sharon Marie Nickname Shaz
Congrats! I'm sure you feel like a million bucks.
Michael Mattox
Michael Mattox
I love this product. alias popeye
william walker
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