3Doodler Pen Allows Artists to Sketch in 3D Space

Posted ago by Baron

3D printers have forever changed the way we look at manufacturing, but for the everyday consumer at home, this growing industry can still feel very far away. Though printing tech is advancing by leaps and bounds, most current printers are sold at a prohibitively high price, and suffer from some innate technical constraints, stemming both from software complexity, and the limited size of a printable object.

Somehow, the team at WobbleWorks has circumvented all these issues with 3Doodler, an affordable electronic pen that draws in solid plastic, allowing artists and enthusiasts to sketch anything they can imagine in three-dimensional space. The pen draws by extruding a melted ABS plastic (the same kind used by 3D printers), which quickly solidifies upon contact with air, enabling users to sketch complex 3D structures and frameworks instantaneously. Though a bit intimidating to look at, the pen is quite easy to use, and requires no secondary software or computers. Simply plug it into an outlet, and you’ll be ready to draw in minutes.

3Doodler’s creations can be crafted in a variety of ways: pieces can be drawn on a flat surface and peeled off, or constructed as freestyle 3D objects. Artists can also harness 2D stencils, created by either the dev team or an online community, which allow for incredibly complex structures to be drawn and assembled with ease. If the miniature Eiffel Tower above wasn’t evidence enough, the possibilities are endless.

While you’d have to be truly heartless to miss 3Doodler’s appeal, we love this product for two reasons in particular. First, with an estimated price tag of $75, 3Doodler is the consumer’s most affordable foray into 3D printing (by a wide, wide margin), making this exciting tech more accessible than ever before. More importantly, 3Doodler represents a brand new direction in the development of 3D tech, and the potential applications we envision for it. While this first step may seem rather demure (you’re not going to use 3Doodler  to draw yourself a house), this little gadget may well be the start of an industry-changing trend.

Unfortunately, the budding 3D artists of the world will have to wait for now, as the 3Doodler is not yet ready for a retail release. However, WobbleWorks has projected  later-2013 release for the final model, so we shouldn’t be waiting very long. In the meantime, we’ll brush up on our sketching skills.


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Michael Kloeckner
Amazing! Such an exciting time to be alive.
Paulette Jaques
Holy shit...this is friggin great!
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Elizabeth Wingfield
For $75 a cool toy. Is QDS getting a couple? Ben, get off you wallet!
Elizabeth Wingfield
a glue gun on steroids.....
Roy Johnson
Yeah this is pretty much the best thing ever..
Yolanda Jackson
Awesomest :)
OMG! It's wonderful! :)
Ernesto Tan
Wow! That's awesome! Fascinating!
Carrie Harris
Insanely cool!
Ben M
am i the only one who thinks these guys just got 1.5 million for a glue gun?
Don Darnell
Cool, change it from plastic to chocolate and make 3D edible art
John Catalano
It's cool, but looks a bit annoying to use, and probably takes a good amount of practice.
Wow, that is so cool and lots of people must agree as they already surpassed $1.68 million on their Kickstarter campaign. I bet some of the designers at QHQ are backers... it could take the live Brainstorm sessions to a whole new level!
WOW! Is this even possible! YES IT IS! Amazing! and yes Michael, we are turly living in very exciting times! To the Universe! & Beyond! ;o) Don... you just made 10 million my friend! ;o) ;o)
Tony Hudson
That is so amazing got to get me one of these:)
Derrick K
This product is a must have for any artist out there! I got to get me one!!
Hardly a "nice subtle promotion" yet not horrible because we're talking about it here, yes?... Anyhow I was inspired by the 3Doodler and I submitted a "Spaghetti Gun" that can also loaded with a plastic material. I believe it is unique and a good way for Quirky to get into this emerging market. I also included Pre-fabbed building blocks that can be used with 3Doodler and our new future product. If this is an inappropriate post and too much of a blatant self-promotion feel free to delete. :)
Brian Tezo
are you guys making this? and if so are you guys begging for money? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1351910088/3doodler-the-worlds-first-3d-printing-pen/comments here is a website with this project who already got over 2m on the project. great way to get tons of money.
warren straw
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