A Quirky Contest: Show Us How You Loopit

Posted ago by Baron

If you didn’t already know, today’s episode of Feedback Friday will focus solely on Organization, and since this coincides quite nicely with the retail launch of Loopits, we’ve decided to hold a special contest to get your creative juices flowing. The name of the game is “How I Loopit” (a shout out to How I Bandit), and here’s how it’s going to work:

Starting on Friday at 3pm EST, participants can tweet a photo of Loopits in action, showcasing a creative storage solution that they’ve devised using the product.

Participants may only submit their own original photography, and submissions must be tweeted with the hashtag #Loopits to qualify.

The contest will run from Friday, February 8th at 3pm EST to Friday, March 1st at 11:59 AM EST. The Quirky staff will then select the solution they feel is most creative, and announce a winner by 8pm that evening.

The winning contestant will receive a pack of Loopits, plus a $50 gift card that can be spent on any Quirky product, including more Loopits!

The contest is open to all community members, and will be running for a while, so don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to pick up some Loopits just yet. Official rules and regulations can be found here, but don’t hesitate to get in contact via questions@quirky.com if there’s something on your mind.

P.S. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you on your way, check out this video from Loopits inventor Heather O’Donahoe. She didn’t even take hers out of the box before kicking off a brainstorm!

Comments (25)

Michael Kloeckner
Ernesto Tan
Awesome Heather! How come you are not showing yourself?
Ernesto Tan
Are you a Camera Shy!!! ohhh! Camera Shy !!!!
Susan Saver
Somebody is happy, love the video demo... Congrats Heather
Paulette Jaques
Congrats Heather!
Paulette Jaques
P.S. Just purchased some!!
Heather O'Donahoe
Thank you Michael Susan and Paulette! Had fun right out of the gates! Ernesto I was in my PJs and a very sorry sight! I'll clean up for the contest. I have two boxes so I'm gunna wiiiiiiin!
Heather O'Donahoe
There's no shame in my game.
Yolanda Jackson
Jessica Jones
Congratulations Heather!!
Heather O'Donahoe
Thank you ladies! Appreciate your support!
Ernesto Tan
And Gentle Men ... :)
Can we render a usage and submit? Or do we have to own the product?
Carli Heggen
Denny2020, you need to take a photo of the actual product to enter. Renderings will not be accepted.
congrats heather! also digging the art direction on the sample image above. good color choices and composition. Very nice!
Ruben Brito
Love the video!
Elizabeth Wingfield
Are there Loopits at Target yet?
Elizabeth Wingfield
Heather--lol, I take Pritiq, too. Did it make you skinny like it did me?
Bobby Antrim
That was great to see you so excited. I really loved the video.
Angella Thomas
Congrats Heather! I will purchase some soon.
Heather O'Donahoe
Yay!!!!! Happy happy happy!
WenD *
Can't beat that video. You are insane (in a good way). Congrats!
Carli Heggen
And the winner is... Nichole Joyce! See her winning photo at pic.twitter.com/QI8KyESRib. Thanks to all who participated!
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