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Apple’s new iMac is a gorgeous machine, but even the sleekest rose has its thorns, like an SD card reader that was awkwardly moved to the back of the device. Luckily, this won’t be a problem with SDock, a compact extension that keeps your SD card reader well within reach. This little device can be clipped to any monitor, or simply placed on a desk, discreetly connecting to your computer via USB. An indicator light shows when the reader is synced, ensuring a secure connection for your data. If anyone says you have to sacrifice substance for slimness, they clearly haven’t heard about Quirky.

While many Apple fans saw the new iMac’s SD card reader as a drawback, inventor Phil Zumtobel saw it as an opportunity. He submitted his concept for an easy-access SD reader to the Quirky site, where it caught the eye of resident Apple guru Josh Wright, who saw it as the perfect solution to a very imminent problem. Quirky’s designers and 1961 influencers then god to work bringing Phil’s idea to life, resulting in the stylish and supportive SDock. Head to Quirky’s Upcoming section to learn more about our latest Apple accessory, and to help us determine its price!

– External SD card reader for easy accessibility
– USB connection for fast data transfer
– Adjustable clamp that can be clipped to any monitor
– LED indicates when the reader is active, ensuring your device is properly connected when in use

– Plastic
– Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
– Aluminum

– 55mm L x 42mm W x 23mm D

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.

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Kirk Betts
This one turned out really nice! Good job guys.
Vincent Vedie
very nice design !
Vincent Vedie
The front part of clamp should have been merged with slot surface for a more sleek design.
william walker
Bransoletę ze stali nierdzewnej jest idealny dla Zegarki repliki strój wieczorowy. Ze swej strony, statecznym i eleganckim pasek ze skóry cielęcej będzie idealny na co dzień wycieczka. Zegarek nosić na każdą okazję. I doskonała jakość/cena, jak zawsze z Oris, jeszcze niezależną marką...jego symboliczne wirnika dom Oris.
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