Inside the Workshop: Line Extensions Cometh

Posted ago by Baron

Strap on your work gloves, makers, because this week is about to get busy. In the tradition of Broom Groomer Mini, Cordies Executive, and others, we’re working on some homegrown line extensions, expanding the families for Carabandits, Pivot Power, and Pivot Power Mini. Our designers have reached a point where they could really benefit from the community’s input, so to facilitate this, we’re launching a series of development projects for each of the three extensions.

Each of these projects will receive the normal amount of influence (5% for a Naming Phase, 10% for the Pricing Game, etc.), but any additional influence will be assigned to the original product’s influencers. Thus, if the Carabandits extension requires Naming and Tagline Phases, 10% of its influence will be allocated to those projects, and 90% will be given to the original Carabandits influencers. Easy as you like.

Moving forward, this will be the standard procedure for all line extensions: since every extension functions differently, this will allow us to ensure that influence is allocated as accurately and fairly as possible, according to what’s needed. You should see the new projects on the Participate page soon, but if you have any questions or concerns about this process, you can always reach us at

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WHEN ARE WE GOING TO INTRODUCE MORE ACCESSORIES FOR PEGIT!!! Lets strike while the iron is hot!! ALL the people that just bought Pegit are still pretty excited about it I'm sure, but within months its just going to be another case UNLESS we continue to introduce accessories so they can truly embrace the case and customize them!! -Jordan
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Agree to Carla, finish development first and move way more projects into production! You have all the conditions to make invention accessible, considering investment backing. What's the real problem?
Michael Cavada
Was this process followed with Bobble Brush Timer?
Heather O'Donahoe
it's like trying to follow the tasmanian devil! LOL should be the road runner by now
Heather O'Donahoe
beep beep
Ernesto Tan
I'm trying to follow the Coyote, but he got ran over by a ten wheeler Truck! OOOOPs ! Poor Coyote! LOL:D
Elizabeth Wingfield
Does this mean that submissions for line extensions will not be considered? If they are not, you should not accept them to start. If they are, does the "ideator" of the extension get the 7% deally? If Q decides to make a line extension that has been submitted previously, what happens then?
Barbra Winston
I agree with Carla....It would be great if other inventors had their moment to shine ......
Michael Kloeckner
This is extremely exciting!
A ²
hmm...good question EW.
william walker
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