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This Thursday may have been Valentine’s Day, but invention is one process that doesn’t stop in the name of love, so we hosted a special Valentine’s Day Eval despite the amorous festivities. A total of 11 invention ideas were discussed and debated over the course of the evening, with 2 submissions being selected for Quirky’s collaborative development process. If you were off on a hot date during the event (and how could we blame you), here’s a review of Quirky’s newest inventors:

Hailing from Portland, ME, Vuthy Chhloeum is a handyman and inventor who devised a mechanical leaf grabber, capable of hoisting huge piles of leaves in a single motion. His submission featured a working prototype and video, which convinced the Eval crowd of his device’s potential, and set the stage for a successful vote. While several similar products were found on the market, most suffered from terrible reviews, so the design staff saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the industry with a tool as cool as it is effective. Vuthy’s design will now be reviewed and refined by Quirky’s design staff and community, so keep your eyes open for development projects in the near future. (Video Segment)

The second Eval pick came from inventor Beda-Angelo Pormentilla, who submitted an innovative bike rack aptly named Wingz Rack. While we’ve seen more than a few bike racks in our time, this concept stood out with a unique wing-shaped design, which not only offered a compelling aesthetic, but allowed riders to carry a wide assortment of awkward objects, including books, groceries, and large boxes. An integrated bungee cord sealed the deal for this robust submission, and the Eval crowd needed little convincing when casting their winning votes. While the fate of the name “Wingz Rack” will have to be determined in the product’s Naming phase, we’re hoping that it won’t be long before this disruptive new product is seen on store shelves! (Video Segment)

There you have it folks: another Eval, another batch of bona fide Quirky inventors. If you’d like to watch a full recording of the night’s festivities, you can do so via the video below.

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Great Job All
I think we should re-do the eval for Sonias RC Car Game and the behind the screen power plug. I would personally purchase both of these products if they were made well. There are several things about my iMac that I love and several that I hate, and the wasted space behind it would be an awesome place to put additional power outlets, they could be used for temporary devices like chargers or even permanent computer related devices like my printer. This is just my opinion, the ideas that were chosen are awesome, but we missed 2 equally awesome opportunities last night. -Jordan
Joyce Bedi
The video is offline --- is there a list of inventions evaluated last night?
Rafael I. Hwang
Debra Courtenay
I was really disappointed about the Ice Toy...I have kids and parents know how much kids love to make ice! The make all kinds of weird things...put water in containers with random things in it and freeze them...last year - my kids made frozen ice pucks - they saw it on a kids show...they slid the ice back and forth to each other. Anyway...that was DIFFERENT. I just was baffled that a NEW idea for a toy was not at least explored...that would have been so cool...little figures/shapes - inject colors. The fact that it would melt - is the fun of it...and then they refreeze. Ugh! ***Look how much money folks spend on Ice sculptures and weddings!...those melt! just had to * I do have to mention that Baron looked very handsom! He did a great job and Paula filled his shoes, wonderfully!
william walker
Bransoletę ze stali nierdzewnej jest idealny dla Zegarki repliki strój wieczorowy. Ze swej strony, statecznym i eleganckim pasek ze skóry cielęcej będzie idealny na co dzień wycieczka. Zegarek nosić na każdą okazję. I doskonała jakość/cena, jak zawsze z Oris, jeszcze niezależną marką...jego symboliczne wirnika dom Oris.
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