New Yorkian Fall: NYC Through a Designer’s Eyes

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A job at QHQ exposes you to some pretty incredible things, so much so that it’s easy to forget all the wonders occuring outside our office walls. Regardless, whether you’re a life-long New Yorker, or a new hire breaking in your first apartment, it’s hard to work at Quirky without being indelibly marked by the city itself. Often, this experience is internalized, but it can sometimes break out in awesome and creative ways.

One example of this is New Yorkian Fall, a photo gallery compiled by designer Oscar Salguero over the course of his 3 month internship at Quirky. Inspired by the work of Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, Oscar decided to document his NYC experience through a constant stream of photographs, which he collected and curated online to share with the wider world. The project began with his first interview at Quirky, which coincided with his first visit to New York, so the series provides an interesting parallel between his work at QHQ and his experiences in the city at large. “I got obsessed to the point where I would take an average of 30 pictures during my 15 minute commute,” said Oscar. “It forced me to snap and snap until a magical one showed up. At the end of my project, I ended up with a folder of exactly 11,452 pictures, of which less than 300 made it to my blog.”

Oscar’s photography covers a wide range of subjects, juxtaposing the intimacy of individual portraits with urban landscapes that show the city at its most expansive. “The topics of my pictures are varied,” said Oscar, “the common interest is to evoke a story, to showcase oddly coincidental situations: a sense of urgency, humor, complexity, absurdity and magical frozen moments in the lives of New Yorkers.”

While we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite shots below, we highly recommend taking a moment to peruse the site yourself. We’ll be publishing a follow-up interview with Oscar about his experience documenting the city, so if you have any questions of your own that you’d like to ask Oscar, please post them in the comment section below!

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I went to the photo gallery. There are some really interesting pictures that were taken. Thanks for sharing!
Michael Cavada
WOW! Awesome work! Looking through photo galleries was always the most inspiring assignments for my photography students. Just think...Back before digital, 11,452 shots would have been well over 400 rolls of film. ;-)
Paula Rosenberg
These are amazing. Way to go Oscar!
Ben M
Gotta love that last one
julia troy
This is great Oscar! I've enjoyed seeing your photos over the months. You captured some great moments.
david walker
You never failed to amaze me Oscar. Great Job!:-)
william walker
Bransoletę ze stali nierdzewnej jest idealny dla Zegarki repliki strój wieczorowy. Ze swej strony, statecznym i eleganckim pasek ze skóry cielęcej będzie idealny na co dzień wycieczka. Zegarek nosić na każdą okazję. I doskonała jakość/cena, jak zawsze z Oris, jeszcze niezależną marką...jego symboliczne wirnika dom Oris.
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