This Week’s Brainstorm Preview: Delving Deeper

Posted ago by Baron

Holy crap, are we excited about this. For this week’s brainstorm, we’re looking back to the reason we started brainstorms in the first place, and focusing our gaze on the parts of each product that most need the community’s help. Enticing, we know, but that’s not all. Not only are we brainstorming three of Quirky’s newest products, but one of the three inventors will be joining us in the flesh! If you want to learn more, here’s a breakdown of the three the ideas we’ll be discussing:

Washable High Chair: Assess the results of the Community Design Phase, and examine the competitive landscape.

Steel-Tipped Work Gloves: Discuss the various methods and challenges involved in testing this Explore.

Smart Pool Tester: Chat with inventor Angela Crouse about the product’s form and function, along with its integrated app (lucky for us, Angela happens to be an app designer).

If you’re new to brainstorms, allow us to explain. Every week, QDS blows a few product ideas wide open to kick off the design process. You can take part in that. Here’s how:

1. Topics are posted above. In your wildest dreams, what would be the perfect way to make that product? What should it do, and what problems should it prevent? It’s a brainstorm, so anything goes

2. Visit the QuirkyLive page at 6pm ET on Wed. Log into your Quirky account to join the discussion and share your input through the chat.

3. Can’t join the live brainstorm? Be sure to add your comments here before the start time, and we’ll have them in mind.

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Paul Patrocky
Just a comment on the Work Gloves, I would worry about loosing the tactile feel on the pads of my fingers while working, maybe have it shielding your fingers with a slot cut out of the metal to allow your fingers to "feel" but still protecting them.
william walker
Bransoletę ze stali nierdzewnej jest idealny dla Zegarki repliki strój wieczorowy. Ze swej strony, statecznym i eleganckim pasek ze skóry cielęcej będzie idealny na co dzień wycieczka. Zegarek nosić na każdą okazję. I doskonała jakość/cena, jak zawsze z Oris, jeszcze niezależną marką...jego symboliczne wirnika dom Oris.
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