Weekly Recap 2/9-2/15

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Happy Friday everyone. We’re at the conclusion of yet another quirky week and it’s time for a bit of rest and relaxation. Here’s a look back at what went down over the last seven days.

The press world was buzzing about Quirky products. MSN’s new fitness site included Pluck as part of their roundup of 22 handy kitchen tools and Lifehacker gave Spacebar a shoutout in their list of their favorite products and productivity tricks. Ever wonder if reusable bags are healthy? Mercado made an appearance in a recent San Francisco Gate story on the subject. Our recently launched Indicator bike lights made appearances on Bike Rumor, Cool Material and The Awesomer, and Converge was featured on the German Men’s Magazine, Mansgear. Finally, Gigazine, an Asian tech site, wrote a story on Core.

In the product world: we launched CMF, Naming, and Tagline phases for the Customizable Stamp early in the week, followed by the pricing game launch of the fruit and vegetable toppers, Poppit. Squeezebox had a Refine phase and we asked you to help us choose the CMF for PowerLoop. On Wednesday we were thrilled to announce that we’ll be making Memo, and later that evening we brainstormed the Modular Textile Toy, the Garlic Peel Shaker, and the iPhone app component of the Digital Tape Measure. On Thursday the Garlic Peeling Shaker had Research and Community Design phases, and we launched PowerCurl Mini to the Upcoming page. Finally, today we also added the external SD card reader, SDock to the Upcoming page.

On the content side of things we kept ourselves busy with an interview with one of our inventors, a celebration of inventors everywhere, and a visit to a international toy fair. We kicked off the week with Community Support Representative Jessica’s Q&A with inventor, entrepreneur, and Team Lab member, Matt Murrie, who shared his thoughts on collaboration and the What If conference he recently founded. Monday was also National Inventors Day and Baron celebrated this most Quirky of days by dedicating this week’s Monday Design Tip to it. On Tuesday we discussed ways to find the right materials for your invention, and on Thursday, in honor of Valentines Day, Paula shared the stories behind popular Valentines Day gifts. In lieu of today’s Feedback Friday we hosted a group of 90 engineering students from Nanyang University, who were treated to a mock Eval and tour of the office. We also announced that starting next week we’ll be introducing a whole new live broadcast to introduce you to members of the staff. We’re calling it Gin Time with Baron, though the name may need to be made more kid friend (wink). We wrapped things up with the invention picks from last night’s Eval and Carli’s blog post about the international toy fair that was held just down the street from us at the Javits Center.

That’s what happened this week at Quirky! We hope you’re all feeling up to speed and well informed, but if you think we left something out, please let us know if the comments below. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.

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To the Quirky staff, you need to go back to Bike Rumor and check the comments! Overwhelmingly bad reviews! Maybe we need to find a procedure to let websites and magazines see upcoming products before they are completed. This would be the final design step, with no influence awarded, of course. It seems like Quirky really blew it on this one! White colored blinkers, really?? How hard would it have been to visit a couple bike shops? I saw a couple comments that there are already products like this. Did no one apply the same due diligence they are always asking us to do? This product looks doomed to fail, with this kind of press coverage. I really feel for the ideator, Quirky let them down. The only way to save the product is make the changes the comments mentioned. Does Quirky have the nerve and fortitude to do that? We will see.
There are always going to be negative comments about everything, however I do agree with the comments that the indicator lights should be red or orange since white/clear would be confusing to oncoming traffic.
I saw Pluck in my current issue of Popular Science. Way to go Q
Momatthecape Kim Rumberger
Pluck is amazing, probably one of the top ideas/inventions of Quirky of all time (so far!) I did a couple of years at Toy Fair as a marketing consultant. It's quite the overwhelming gathering of manufacturers and inventors! An experience not easily forgotten.
Clinton Fleenor
I really appreciate these updates! Informative, useful and fun all in one.
william walker
Bransoletę ze stali nierdzewnej jest idealny dla Zegarki repliki strój wieczorowy. Ze swej strony, statecznym i eleganckim pasek ze skóry cielęcej będzie idealny na co dzień wycieczka. Zegarek nosić na każdą okazję. I doskonała jakość/cena, jak zawsze z Oris, jeszcze niezależną marką...jego symboliczne wirnika dom Oris.
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