Cheers, It’s a Quirky Town Meeting: Friday, March 29th at 6pm ET

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Rejoice, all ye faithful, because the time has finally come! This Friday, March 29th at 6pm ET, the Quirky staff and community will convene for the year’s first Town Meeting, a quarterly event that’s 50% shareholder meeting, 50% live Q&A, and 100% Quirky. It’s the climactic final broadcast of the quarter, and we’re pulling out all the stops.

If you’ve never attended a Quirky Town Meeting, rest assured: this isn’t your average company-wide update. Over the course of a Quirky Live broadcast, we’ll provide a complete, tell-all breakdown of the quarter’s events, from new hires and product updates to a review of brand strategy. Heck, we’ll even share financials. On top of all this juicy data, we’ll also unveil some much-anticipated new projects for the year: projects that are destined to change Quirky in a very big way. Are we crazy? Perhaps. However, there’s a lot to be happy about here at QHQ, and we want the entire community to be as fired up as we are.

But wait, there’s more! To ensure that no stone goes unturned, we’re capping things off with a good old-fashioned Q&A, where online viewers can pose their questions to any member of the Quirky staff, including Ben Kaufman himself. If you’ve got questions about a product or project, or just want to get something off your chest, this is your chance. Viewers will be able to ask their questions live, but you can also share a question in this forum thread, or in the comments section below.

So, to recap:

What: Quirky Town Meeting, Q1 2013

When: Friday, March 29th, 6pm ET

Where: Quirky Live

Why: Because we love you, duh.

We hope to see you there!

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Elizabeth Wingfield
Please don't rush the THM, buy a little extra U-Stream time. We have not talked in a while and there are bound to be LOTS of questions.
Manuel Q. Plascencia
Yolanda Jackson
Can we get an update on the Target $5 contest thing? Are we having anymore quick fire contest? what items will be rolling out in stores this year? sorry I will be at work, and if I can't make it I just thought I will through in a few :) thanks!!!!!!
Michael Cavada
Ooooooooo...This sounds so exciting, I may need a pair of those condom shorts that were shown on the Tonight Show!
Jason Hennessy
Can we make those condom shorts filled with confetties too? Lots of bursting fun this Friday!
Debra Courtenay
Sounds exciting!
Debra Courtenay
Not the meeting!
Ernesto Tan
Make sure that we a Music entertainment too! Rock on! :)
Yeah! Music!!!!
Does anyone know of a way to record this so that I can watch it the same night instead of waiting until its posted? I will miss the first hour and would like to watch it on Friday night. Thanks in advance!
Question for Quirky - when the Quirky team takes their quarterly week off, what about those of us out in the community, who are on Quirky 7 days a week? We could use a week off too! What about shutting down the website, except for the Shop? No submissions, no votes, no comments, just stop the clock, and start it up again in a week. Total lockout unless you want to buy something. All submitted items would still get 30 days, and we could all recharge our mental batteries!
Sherron Small
Question 1: How many products in the Quirky Shop and Upcoming Products category have a patent or a patent pending? Question 2: If a Quirky product is first to market but doesn't have a patent or isn't patent pending, can someone who acquires a patent prevent Quirky from making/selling the product?
Lisa Griebner
Ya the target simple solutions ideas that other company's wanted besides target.Can we have a update of what products made it to that.My product was selected in those ideas but didn't make it to target.
Andrew Udoff
Andrew Udoff
Can't wait! I'll be there every minute! Lots to watch and learn!
Another question for the meeting - I think Quirky should create a category, or perhaps a Shop category, named "QUIRKY". These would be ideas that don't really solve a problem, or invent something totally new, but which are so unique in design that they can only be called "quirky". There are some ideas that come along that are so beautiful and of such stunning design and engineering that they just cry out to be made, even though there are other products on the market that do the same functions. If this category is created, I would also like to see a commitment by the Quirky designers to stay hands off as much as possible, tweaking only things that need fixing to make manufacturing and function possible. Perhaps the ideator could have final approval of the artistic part, to ensure their vision is preserved. I think Quirky needs to reward innovation in design as well as invention.
Q1: When the Quirky Android App will be ready? Q2: Why there isn't a menu in the site where I can see all the "in development" products?
Steven Robertson
I love you too
Earl Beck
Earl Beck
An informative note to Ken Y regarding lovely and elegant products that need to be produced & sold in the market place. The USPTO has had for decades two mainstream patent types . Go> USPTO.GOV & check Design & also Utility patents.
william walker
Przypomnijmy, że Strom Armin dom został stworzony Repliki zegarków przez Armin Strom, że czterdzieści lat temu. Jako mistrz zegarmistrz w sztuce openworking jego unikalny styl pozwoliły mu sobie wyobrazić patrząc produktów szkielet, podkreślić ruch - które wykończenia są prowadzone do ręki – zegarka "zbyt piękne, by pozostać.
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