Hey… What About Feedback Friday?

Posted ago by Baron

Good evening, beautiful people! As we prepare for another Thursday night Eval, some of you may be wondering: “hey, shouldn’t have we have heard about Feedback Friday by now?” Well, you’re absolutely right, and fret not, because your favorite Friday broadcast is definitely still on. However, in the spirit of this week’s first broadcast, “Gin with… Steven Shaw”, we’ve decided to take a step back, and craft a broadcast around the thing that matters most: you guys.

That’s why, this Friday, we’re doing things a little differently. Starting at 3pm EDT, we’ll be holding a casual, text-based Q&A in the Quirky Live chat, giving community members a chance to field any and all questions that have been lingering in their minds. Members of the Quirky Community team will be online to chat and answer questions, but other staff members can be pulled in to answer more specific queries. If you’re confused about any aspect of Quirky, from Wink to weekly Eval, or if you just want to talk shop with some of your favorite staffers, head to the Quirky Live page this Friday at 3pm EDT. We guarantee that you’ll come away wiser.

In the meantime, feel free to watch the full recording of “Gin with… Steven Shaw”, a 1-on-1 interview with Quirky’s Head of Community, now posted below.

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Jason Hennessy
I love casual text
Brandon Murray
Cool thanks for posting this Baron, I missed Gin with Steven Shaw when it was live. I'll see you @ 3pm with some questions! :-)
Yay I can make it this week!
Bradley Sippl
Enlightening. Glad to here a response to so many important issues from our well qualified Head of Community. Very encouraging.
Thanks for taking the time BAron!!! Much appreciated!!!
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