Your Collapsible Kitchen: Introducing… Kitchengami

Posted ago by Baron

Fifty years ago, the thought of packing all your kitchen gear into a single drawer was simply absurd. In fact, it’s just as crazy today, but that didn’t stop us from designing Kitchengami, a set of ultra-compact kitchen tools that fold flat for effortless storage. The set provides a range of fully-functional tools, including a cutting board, multi-purpose bowl, colander, strainer, and three-sided grater. Using simple angles, all five fold flat to form a one-inch stack, making Kitchengami perfect for camping, travel, or just a busy kitchen. If you said it worked by magic, we wouldn’t correct you.

For as long as anyone can remember, bowls and colanders have confounded space-saving cooks, so inventor Debra Stone dreamed up a set of minimalist kitchen disks that would take the hassle out of culinary storage. The concept wowed the crowd at Eval with its efficiency and distinctive look, and with the help of 1707 community influencers, Kitchengami was brought to life. Head to Quirky’s Upcoming section to learn more about our latest launch, and to help us determine its price!

– Five compact kitchen tools: a cutting board, bowl, strainer, colander and grater
– All five tools fold flat and stack for easy storage
– Grater includes three distinct plates: a fine grater, coarse grater, and mandolin
– Strainer and bowl can combine to form a microwavable steamer
– All tools are dishwasher safe

– Plastic
– Stainless steel
– Plastic mesh

– Flat stack: 279mm L x 279mm W x 25mm D

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.

Comments (26)

Michael Kloeckner
Have to admit this is awesome! It is going to be a big hit. I was skeptical, but seeing it, the market potential is huge.
Necessity is the mother of invention (again).
Maria Morrill
So cool!
Melvyna Gaynor
That is sharp! My son is a chef and you know that comes with pounds of kitchen equipment. Eliminating some of the bulk is going to be welcome.
Elizabeth Wingfield
Not to be a wet blanket, but there is a very successful line of kitchen products call Snapware, I own some.
Roy Johnson
These turned out wonderful!
_ Nick _
Great product. And would be a good name if not already in use. Back to NameBot?
Kind of wish these looked a bit more like the original ideator envisioned.
My comment was deleted!!!!
Congrats Debra! These are awesome!
Wow, these are brilliant! Wonderful job QDS. Congrats Debra!
I love em....... picked the wrong color scheme again though lol!!!
I guess these are okay. So when are we gonna make the Kitchen Disks?
Elizabeth Wingfield
I never get the color scheme right
Great design! Very exciting product. Congratulations Debra!
Tom Dyer
I want a set to add to my camping equipment. Perfect for backpacking, and motorcycle camping where size and weight are critical.
'Gami' or 'Kami' is not the correct word, it means paper... the correct word is 'ori' which means 'folding'
Michael Kloeckner
snapware was better
There's gotta be a better name than "Kitchengami". It makes no sense, at least to me, and it's not a product that would draw my attention at a store if I saw that name. Just my opinion.
michael kosayev
This is an awsome idea
roger samboer
Great idea!
Janice Berneman
Very cool idea!
ty2013 tychouer
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