The Smart Egg Tray: Introducing… Egg Minder!

Posted ago by Stephen

If you were going to put all your eggs in one basket, you’d want it to be this one. Part of the Quirky + GE line of products, the Egg Minder tells your Wink app the number of eggs left in your tray, and when the oldest one got there. You can check your egg tray while you’re at the store, so you’ll never be in a scramble for a good egg again. A light sensor detects when you open the fridge door, and an LED light highlights the oldest egg. Now that’s over-easy!

This idea was hatched by Rafael Hwang, known to our community as “Think.” To date, 1,266 Community influencers have helped shape the Egg Minder, available in our Upcoming section today. Check it out, and see if you can help us crack the perfect price.

— Stores 14 eggs
— Each egg slot has an individual sensor and LED light
— Light sensor (to sense when fridge is opened)
— Fits in standard fridges
— Works in cold temperatures
— Powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

— LED lights
— Plastic
— Acrylic
– Electric Imp Wifi chip

370mm L x 112mm W x 81mm H

Price, quantity, and features subject to change during the production process.

Comments (37)

All white ...... Meh
Rafael I. Hwang
Great write-up Stephen, thank you!
Rob Evans
14 eggs? Where does this make sense?
Rob Evans
After pondering it...maybe 2 eggs is the re-stock point?
Jason Hunter
Congrats Think. Looks great, Quirky!
I know what I want for Christmas. Great job Quirky. Congrats Think!
Sana Altaf
I can really use this in my life :)
Cool looking egg tray. You should use my Wink Link power adapter idea to power this, but for once don't steal the idea and give a BS excuse. It would eliminate the batteries and light sense,
If you use Wink Link you will have to change the design so that it has a clear open top plastic egg tray that sits in an active base. The light senser would look through the clear plastic to sense the eggs presence and the base would then be hooked up to Wink Link for power. When used the very thin base would remain in the refrigerator lightening up the egg bin to normal egg bin weights. This way it doesn't have to be unplugged and requires no battery costs or changes ever.
Egg-ceptional! Great work team.
Michael Mattox
Can i use this for golf balls i loose?
Michael Mattox
What does minder mean...................????????????????? Confused.
Great job! Congrats!:)
Egg-Enabled tray. Love it.
Michael Cavada
Refrigerators will someday be built around this idea!
Paulette Jaques
With all due respect...I think this is not such a great idea...eggs cost .99, and I know if you're a parent of small kids, eggs don't last enough to warrant this idea...maybe if you're a single person...and don't cook a lot, but I feel like eggs aren't that big of a deal to worry. There is a date right on every carton.
Paulette, the constant current draw on the batteries maintaining a wireless connection may not be sustainable without constant battery changes costing more than the eggs in the bin each year. The energy density in a AA battery cannot be that much more than a cell phone battery and they need recharging every eight hours of use I think to maintain a wireless connection on stand-bye.
I think the tech savvy crowd would really like this. I'm guessing the newer refrigerators will start integrating more advanced features like this.
Ernesto Tan
Eggciting ! :)
Maria Morrill
So cool, wish I needed it.
I'm with Paulette on this one. If you go through eggs, why wouldn't you just by 2 dozen to start? Eggs can last a while (3+ weeks) so if you are out shopping and aren't sure, just buy a 1/2 dozen. It's a cool idea, but I don't see the use for eggs which are cheap to begin with.
melton shaw
Can it also sense which eggs are hard boiled? I'm making a revision suggestion for the future :)
Emanuel Maia
super cool
I looked at my GE Profile refrigerator I have to check and see if the egg bin that came with it would work with the unit I proposed above and found it would work great. Quirky could use a standard GE egg bin injection mold and save on tooling costs if used with an active base as I suggested.
Meredith Weber
I wish there was some way to tell if an egg from the chicken coop was "fertilized" or not.... So you dont by mistake crack a half mutated chicken by mistake!!!
RD Bohemia
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