Your Bike Cargo Wingman: Introducing… Wingspan!

Posted ago by Stephen

You say there isn’t a bicycle cargo rack that can adjust to the exact size you need? Looks like you spoke too soon! Enter the Quirky Wingspan! This bike rack has extendable wings, so you can fly around town no matter what you’re taking with you. Plus, in addition to your wings, your parcels are secured with a removable bungee cord. And when you’re riding light, you’re still sitting pretty: The wings of Wingspan fold neatly in line with the seat. Wingspan has a quick release attachment for easy removal from your bicycle’s seat post for when you’re out racing.

Beda Angelo Pormentilla from New Jersey was tired of the bike rack options he saw on local store shelves. So he invented Wingspan, an idea which was helped along the way by 605 community influencers. Make sure you get behind it too! Check out Wingspan on the Quirky Upcoming page and get the wheels turning on our pricing game.

–Width expands from 3in to 12in
–Quick Release attachment to bike seat.
–Integrated, removable bungee cord


–Width: 101.5mm
–Height: 71mm
–Depth: 543mm

Price, quantity, and features subject to change during the production process.

Comments (25)

Great work team.
Another beautiful Quirky product!
Ernesto Tan
It's so Pretty, is not just pretty , it's really Pretty ! LOL:D
Rafael I. Hwang
Wow what a catchy name! Awesome product, great job everyone!
Great job!
Congrats! I had lived on my bike for years w/out a car. Would I buy this? No. I like baskets. But my main issue after reading and watching this video is that you showed Beda's original idea/prototype and it is very good, as in 'people will rip off that idea' good, since you showed it. I think you should have just told his BASIC problem/story that inspired the concept that Quirky went with and should NOT have shown his original idea/prototype as it is very good, yet different from the final Quirky version and I feel his original idea will get ripped off and chaos will ensue.
Great job once again.
Nice Render! Great sample !
This could be a winner. Very cool engineering to whoever designed it.
Elizabeth Wingfield
Looks really cool.
Nice design guys!
Ernesto Tan
You just need to show a video for the new design and show how it works and performs...
Beda-Angelo Pormentilla
I agree Ernesto. 3D print the prototype!
I like this idea and design!
Chan ho Lee
Smart Quirky! I like this product~♥
Velo mancer
Great idea. Stage 2: Design a "wings only" version that retrofits to existing racks.
Beda-Angelo Pormentilla
Velo mancer - That's a great suggestion. I've been reading up on posts about how to increase the product's versatility and a direct retrofit version is definitely high on that list!
john patinson
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Tricia Collins
Adding flip up sides may make me feel the package is more secure.
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