Eval On The Road: Austin!

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Pack your bags, Quirky Community! We’re loading up the Quirky van and road tripping it down to Austin, Texas for the first ever Eval on the Road.

With the help of our friends at GE, we’ll be coming to you live from Austin, Texas on Saturday, March 8th at 5:30pm CT with StarTalk Live hosted by Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Like they say, everything’s bigger in Texas…

Stay tuned for more news, updates, and special guest announcements.


Submit your idea now for the chance to be crowned our next Quirky inventor at this extra special Eval.

As always, you can tune in to Quirky.com/live to watch the whole shebang, or—if you’ll be in town—you can join us live at the Vulcan Gas Company, 418 E. 6th St.

Planning to attend Eval on the Road? RSVP right here.


Programming note: This event is in lieu of Eval on Thursday, March 6th.

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Mark Edwards avatar
Mark Edwards
Looking forward to this event and hope that GE brings good things to light! I'd like to see more inventions move in a shorter span of time during eval.
Sharon_Kral avatar
Yes, yes, yes. Hope to see you here in Milwaukee soon. Come on, after all it's the home of the Braves, the Brewers, Packer Country, Summer Fest ( the world's biggest Music Festival), 90miles out of Chicago and Quirky's own----Jake Zien.
Mark Fusco avatar
Mark Fusco
Awesome! Do guests have to be a SxSW badge holder to attend?
Megster avatar
Do we have to resubmit our idea using the submit idea on this blog post? Or will all ideas be considered? Thanks
Lorin's Eggshells avatar
Lorin's Eggshells
This is awesome and you guys will have the time of your life. If I can go I will but it's doubtful. Hubs works 24hrs that day and let me warn you, it's SXSW....no parking anywhere to be found. Madness I tell you, sheer madness ! Don't say Howdy to anyone, lol , bring your frizz proof hair products and wear sandals ! Lots of great places to eat in Austin, Franks is a new fun place that has a wonderful chef that does amazing things with hotdogs. You can dine in Sandra Bullocks restaurant or eat at a food truck, either way you won't go hungry . Enjoy the music, films and you will see famous actors and musicians everywhere totally laid back. Be safe at night, there are some areas to avoid and I can't wait to hear how you guys love it ! Welcome to Texas :)
FluffyCloud avatar
This is pretty cool. So if you're hitting hip Austin you're going to hit hip Denver next, right? We have craft beer everywhere. Maybe see a Red Rocks concert while you are here. We have legal weed too, if you're into that.
Susan Saver avatar
Susan Saver
Quirky Idol in the Future? Safe and successful trip to all of you guys.
uniqueideas avatar
Same as Mark, would like to attend but passes are pricey & from what I can tell one day badge not available. Let me know if there is another way to attend , thanks! Lorin how about Matt's El Rancho?
CeeCee avatar
It doesn't matter where eval is held. Eval is only as good as the ideas presented.
JAEP avatar
Lets ensure that the ideas going to Eval are well vetted first please- Q is free to use- but we all invest time here- Including you guys!!!- so ultimately checking on the picks before airing them as an eval broadcast is perhaps even more important than letting the com know where the EVAL is gonna be. (I would have thought the same amount of time would be involved to check google for sims and to write a post like this (just a humble observation.. hopefully seen in that light)
Jessica Ivins avatar
Jessica Ivins
Wahoo!!!! I can't wait!
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdlyi5mckg0 On the road again...,
Mario soop2nuttz avatar
Mario soop2nuttz
will they announce the stops?
Leo avatar
Will I need to pay for SXSW tix or just reserve eval tix?
PILATUS avatar
FYI - If SXSW tickets/badges are required they cost about $1,300 - $1,700.
Farlow avatar
Do we have to resubmit ideas on now? I just had one go to ER, that would be perfect for the show! Bill Nye can help explain why this technique works. How cool would that be!? Bill Nye talking about your idea! Very cool! Excited! Fingers crossed! :) Going to be a fun eval!
ClintonFleenor avatar
wow - Steven looks like such a nice guy!
Chris Vaughan avatar
Chris Vaughan
Will the event be taped? I live in Austin, but will be on vacation in Seattle that day... BUMMER! Also have a couple of ideas including https://www.quirky.com/invent/968725/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all that I'd definitely like to be considered.
Tim Scalzo avatar
Tim Scalzo
I can't believe Bill Nye's going to be there! I hope my idea is chosen.
Walter Fidrocki avatar
Walter Fidrocki
I'll (hopefully) be there!! Got 3 tickets to the Eval - will bring my wife and daughter. We are lucky that we live here in beautiful Austin, TX! The ticketing site (link above, eventbrite) let me reserve / print 3 tickets (one email address needed for each) and did not say anything about having a SXSW badge... But when I went back to that page later and scrolled down it said "This event is open to SXSW badge holders and will be first come, first serve.". Hmmm, I have 3 tickets, but no SXSW badges... Can I get in or not??? Not sure, so I 'sent a message to organizer' on the EventBrite site asking about this. Fingers crossed!
Rhonda Mc avatar
Rhonda Mc
INDUCTIVE CHARGER SPOTTER I LOVED this Austin Challenge and because of your Feedback & Support - ALL of You have gave me so much Courage & Strength and most of All Faith in my Idea. NOW in ER ! I had 4 weeks left to go. God Bless You and the Quirky Staff !
Anna Buchbauer avatar
Anna Buchbauer
@ALL Apologies if this was unclear, you do need a SXSW badge to get into the event! If you have a badge - you are welcome to attend Eval.
Walter Fidrocki avatar
Walter Fidrocki
@Anna - Why do you need a badge to get in when you can get tickets from EventBright??? (Without a badge)? Is this Eval an 'official' SXSW event? It does not appear to be... It is NOT listed on SXSW site: http://schedule.sxsw.com/?day=8# I think it is VERY unfair to deny those of us fortunate enough to live here in Austin the opportunity to attend a Quirky event (that is not officially a SXSW event) because we have not purchased a SXSW ticket! Please correct me if I am wrong; if indeed this Eval is an OFFICIAL SXSW event! I was assuming that, since I was able to reserve tickets for myself, wife and daughter through EventBright, that it was going to be open to all who had tickets PLUS any SXSW badgeholders who showed up (space allowing). Nowhere in this Blog, nor in the 'Invention Challenge: Eval on the Road!' blog does the SXSW conference even get mentioned (except in the 'Tags for this Post'.
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