Rise and shine: Introducing… Scroll!

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For far too long, automatic shades have been a luxury reserved for the rarefied few. With Scroll, you too can enjoy the perks of a smarter shade. This discreet device attaches to your existing roller shade and allows you to control your home’s privacy and lighting from the palm of your hand. What’s more, Scroll’s app-enabled functionality permits you to set a schedule so you can wake up to natural light each and every morning.

Invented by brothers Jono and Michael Schafler, Scroll is a smart alternative to costly automated blinds; and thanks to the help of an impressive 2,216 community influencers, it’s well on its way to becoming a reality. If you’d like to see Scroll in a store near you, head over to the portfolio page now to help us picks a price!


– Automates one roller shade
– Fully opens and closes shade in less than 30 seconds
– Has manual override controls
– Set schedule to wake up to natural light and control your home’s climate
– Operate your shades remotely when you’re on vacation

– Plastic

8” L x 2.5” W x 2.75” D (200mm x 60mm x 70mm)


Price, quantity, and features are subject to change during the production process.

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TimeTraveler avatar
It's A Beautiful Morning!
Crreate avatar
Looks great! Wouldn't cat want to play with the device? ;)
Stanford Herrmann avatar
Stanford Herrmann
Stanford Herrmann avatar
Stanford Herrmann
From a safety view point, the chain worries me around children.
BlueDragon avatar
your right Stanford Herrmann kids could grab it it would be nice if it can have a lock feature so that it stays still and strong without moving even if kids grab it. so there is no danger for them.
Jason Warshawsky avatar
Jason Warshawsky
they chain is part of the existing shade, right, not the product ? this does not change the amount of danger
Alex On Q  avatar
Alex On Q
This very useful. If my room's too dark from closed blinds, I sleep in- and if they're open all night my sleep's broken.
Geoff Kliger avatar
Geoff Kliger
This looks like a great idea but is it to be battery powered? If powered otherwise it could be a nuisance with power cords lying around
Oskar Hauske avatar
Oskar Hauske
Pleas just make this
Fraser Dixon avatar
Fraser Dixon
I think the key to this being a success is compatibility with as many HA protocols as possible....I personally have a HomeEasy so please make it work with that and let me know when I can order some up!
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