The big reveal: Aros!

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Today we introduced Aros—Quirky + GE’s revolutionary smart air conditioner—to the world. A product this cool doesn’t come around every day, so we rolled out the red carpet when Aros inventor Garthen Leslie stopped by Quirky HQ for a surprise sneak peek of his app-enabled A/C.

Get an insider’s look at Garthen’s inspiration and all the hard work that our team put into making Aros a reality:

Want to learn more? Visit

Introducing Aros from Quirky on Vimeo.

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BlueDragon avatar
congrats on Aros i hope it does well.
Stephen Forbes avatar
Stephen Forbes
Congrats Aros ! What a great looking product =) Quirky does it again !
Denny2020 avatar
Congrats Garthen. Enjoy the exciting ride. Cheers.
Gyro avatar
Exciting news congrats!
Sharon_Kral avatar
Congrats Garthen.....good luck to all things quirky.
Deepthinker avatar
go go go, great news
Joel P avatar
Joel P
Duffmeister avatar
Wonderful product. Congrats!
Kansas avatar
WooHoo! Looks awesome! Congrats Garthen and design team. :)
Kyle Dulan avatar
Kyle Dulan
Nice Job Garthen and Q! Beautiful product! Congrats!
iThinker avatar
Striker avatar
Since there is nothing new here, what makes this such a big deal? It looks nice and sleek but the technology already exists.
MarcR avatar
Congrats Garthen! Looks great Q!
Constantine avatar
An exceptionally cool idea - Congratulations Garthen and the whole Quirky +GE team that made this invention possible!
TimeTraveler avatar
Great collaboration everyone. Dawn of a new era.
Dion  Lynk avatar
Dion Lynk
The presentation of Aros is absolutely stunning! Congratulations Garthen!
Troy  Zam avatar
Troy Zam
Such a clean looking design! Congrats to all that took part!
ken-y avatar
Denyveaus Sells avatar
Denyveaus Sells
Congrats Garthen! Looks great!
Niki :-) avatar
Niki :-)
rosiegirl avatar
What an exciting unveiling! How terrific! Congrats to all involved :)
Bobby Antrim avatar
Bobby Antrim
Very Nice! That was Fast
Stephen Stubblefield avatar
Stephen Stubblefield
Way to make it cool, to be an inventor! Good job!
John James Velasco avatar
John James Velasco
Smart 2014, Here we are! Congratulations Garthan and most especially to you Quirky with GE! :) What an achievement!
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
Wow! Just Wow ! Congratulations Mr. Garthen Leslie ! Truly , making invention accessible ! Great Job Quirky and GE !
Lorin's Eggshells avatar
Lorin's Eggshells
Go get'em Garthen, congratulations :)
Michael McCoy avatar
Michael McCoy
Very nice concept and design
Paulette Blankenship avatar
Paulette Blankenship
This is soooo cool, Congratulations Garthen and Quirky, JOB WELL DONE!!!
Kenneth Rubi avatar
Kenneth Rubi
Awesome!!! Congrats Garthen!
Rafael Hwang avatar
Rafael Hwang
Nice work!
Bradley Sippl avatar
Bradley Sippl
Sign me up! I'll order right now. It gets hat as hell here in August. This old house has NO A/C. I think this is the coolest Quirky product yet!
EW . avatar
EW .
Is that the Tagline/
Stephen Forbes avatar
Stephen Forbes
Just saw Aros on fox2 news this morning , very cool!
_Brenda_ avatar
that looks great. great job guys!
FluffyCloud avatar
Was he posing holding that AC? That would be heavy.
JonesAndJones avatar
Well done!
Lillie avatar
Smart design...very cool machine!! Congratulations to everyone involved...
HullberryPendexter avatar
now you see it now you dont
Paulette Jaques avatar
Paulette Jaques
GrandSlamMoments avatar
Congrats Garthen and the Quirky team. Great looking unit.
BIG avatar
Defo a BiG Reveal! Congrats for one more time for the awesome iDea Garthen! And congrats for the beautiful design and for making it happen to Quirky+GE! This summer is gonna be SO COOL!!! ;o) Keep it BiG Yall! ;o)
Chia Chi Chen avatar
Chia Chi Chen
Great job!
Sebastien Lauzon avatar
Sebastien Lauzon
Cool idea ;)
AlbertoHD avatar
Robert Bozzomo avatar
Robert Bozzomo
Awesome --- I am very happy for you --- it just gives me the incentive to put my ideas forward --- (Dri - Soc -------- Under My Thumb ----------------- and the Truck / Car Splash Guard )
Cynthia Stough avatar
Cynthia Stough
Congrat!!! May your success continue through the years!
Coleen Fuller avatar
Coleen Fuller
May it be a great success. Congrats
AnnaFan1 avatar
I love it!!!
Julio C Del Castillo avatar
Julio C Del Castillo
This is a big seller!!!
james e. roberson avatar
james e. roberson
Wow! This is really nice! Very exciting things happening!!!
Waveybrain avatar
Congrats! Great idea and execution...WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!
Melinda H avatar
Melinda H
Congrats! Awesome product.
Michael Brulotte avatar
Michael Brulotte
I hope this doesn't break any rules. I'd like to suggest an addition to Aros—or rather an alternative using similar technology. Please see "Alto: Intel for your A/C." Alto is a universal, climate-sensing, app-enabled remote control for your existing air conditioner. ––– Aros is brilliant and beautiful, by the way. Congratulations to everyone who influenced its progress.
Michael Brulotte avatar
Michael Brulotte
Grrr, do I have to insert the link manually? Pretend this hyperlink exists in the above post - kthx
Michael Brulotte avatar
Michael Brulotte
#justrockedthehtml #promisenotspamming
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