Connect with the cosmos: Introducing… Luna!

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Was your stargazing excursion ruined by a cloudy sky? Is your favorite constellation drowned out by city lights? You need Luna in your life. This app-enabled, indoor planetarium connects to your mobile device to projects the night’s sky on your walls and ceiling. No matter where you are, you can view your local sky in real time or travel to a galaxy far, far away (no spaceship required!). This educational toy also lets you to identify and zoom in on various stars, moons, and planets.

Inventor Roy Johnson dreamed of exploring the cosmos from his couch, so he thought up Luna. With the help of 40 community influencers, it’s finally becoming a reality. Want to pitch in? Head over to the portfolio page now to help us pick a price!


– Projects real-time night sky for locations all over the world
– Night-light mode
– Adjustable angle lens
– Identifies constellations, planets, moons, and more via the app
– Zoom in on stars and planets to explore

– Plastic

4” L x 4” W x 6” D (101mm x 101mm x 152mm)


Price, quantity, and features are subject to change during the production process.

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Patricia Costa avatar
Patricia Costa
Imwant to buy it please keep me in your future customer list please.
Duffmeister avatar
Check out the official thread for this on the Quirky Forums to see all of the media coverage that I've found so far : ) I'll try to keep it up to date as much as I can!
Paulette Blankenship avatar
Paulette Blankenship
Praxilla Long avatar
Praxilla Long
Looks Fun! Make this available soon.... I want to get them for my nieces/nephews! :)
heather bryant avatar
heather bryant
I want this for my kids soooo bad. (Sorta, really want it for myself)
Everton Rocha avatar
Everton Rocha
Very good project. Im in...
Terry  Biggar avatar
Terry Biggar
Danielly Silva avatar
Danielly Silva
i would love to buy it!
MarcR avatar
Just fantastic. The design staff really rocked this one! The look mimics a planetarium. Can't wait to get one of these for myself. Congrats Roy, nice product that should do very well.
_Brenda_ avatar
Love this! Congrats to everyone involved.
Susan Saver avatar
Susan Saver
Love it, Name and Tagline are great. I hope they change the colour, don't like grey and red....just saying. Will be a great seller....
Megan Dunnavant avatar
Megan Dunnavant
I would hands down buy this right now.
Constantine avatar
Truly inspired design - stellar!
Michael Kloeckner avatar
Michael Kloeckner
I want one!
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
Kewl Man ! Love it !
Maria Morrill avatar
Maria Morrill
Nice!! My entire family would love this!
Ed Oboza avatar
Ed Oboza
Make it so, Ron. Make it so!
Luciane Mx avatar
Luciane Mx
Super cool!!!
Marcio Albernaz avatar
Marcio Albernaz
Awesome, great idea even for teaching purposes. Please add me to customers list.
Jon Grice avatar
Jon Grice
Amazing invention! Any set release date yet for this, or time frame?
Terry  Biggar avatar
Terry Biggar
Duffmeister avatar
Thanks Quirky for all the work you've already put into this, the design is amazing. The name and tagline are perfect! Thanks to the Community for all the support they've shown! I think we can all think of at least one person who we'd like to give this as a gift on Christmas. Hopefully that will happen some day : )
Desmond Brown avatar
Desmond Brown
Great job Quirky and Roy, this is going to be a fun product to own.
Bradley Sippl avatar
Bradley Sippl
Awesome product! The concept is great. The designers surpassed all expectations. Best name and tag selection. Fun, educational, unique. Nice job!
Lillie avatar
I love the idea of a home planetarium show…teachers will love this, too! Great job Roy, Community, and Quirky...
Ernesto  Tan avatar
Ernesto Tan
So many awesome comments above , please don't dissapoint the inventor and us ! Make it happen .
Sharon_Kral avatar
Wow, Looks fantastic! Love the name and tag too! Great job everyone and best wishes ROY!!!
AlbertoHD avatar
Lorin's Eggshells avatar
Lorin's Eggshells
I can't wait till my granddaughter can get this !
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