See and soothe: Introducing… Moonbeam!

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Stream crib action on-the-go! Introducing Moonbeam, the app-enabled baby camera and projector. Now you can soothe and keep tabs on your sleeping baby from your mobile device. Plus, you can upload media content right from your phone for sharing those precious moments. Moonbeam’s bendable core and soft fabric make it easy to adjust and wrap around the walls of the crib or lay flat, while the projector lets you customize an experience for your baby.

Inventor Craig Brockman wanted to keep an extra eye on his little one, so he invented Moonbeam.  Now thanks to the help of 1,396 community influencers, cuteness is on its way to a screen near you. Head on over to the portfolio page to help us pick a price!


- Speaker
– Projector
– Removable fabric
– Infrared camera for night vision


– Plastic, metal, synthetic fur


2” W x 2” H x 21.6” D (50mm x 50mm x 550mm)

MoonbeamPrice, quantity, and features are subject to change during the production process.

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shanu varghese avatar
shanu varghese
Great idea - I would suggest the cover be washable, perhaps removeable via velcro?
Craig Brockman avatar
Craig Brockman
Actually, the impetus for my idea was more about an app enabled projector and programmable sound spa... The camera was an option I added for a further convergence of devices..
EW . avatar
EW .
Does the cover come off for washing? Please say yes, because I won't even tell what substance I used to paint the crib with occasionally when I was that age :)
EW . avatar
EW .
I think this is a pretty neat product. HOWEVER, I totally did not get that it was supposed t project onto the ceiling when I read the product description and saw the pic you provided on the Name and Tag phases. Please try and give us as much accurate information on the look and function of the products during these phases, since it has a huge bearing on what we submit for Quirky to choose from. Obviously, it made a big difference given what you chose.
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