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Lincoln, Nebraska Joined May 03, 2012

Born in 1982. Grew up playing all of the old video game consoles and my Dad's 286 computer. Now I mostly play PS3 and am waiting for them to release more games for the PS4 before buying. It's been amazing to see the evolution of technology over the years. I'm excited for what the future holds, and I would like to try and contribute to the future. I also participate in

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3 days ago
Brandon Murray replied to a forum topic Drift weight limit?

Well dang, I'm still too fat. :-) Thanks Dom.

9 days ago
Brandon Murray replied to a forum topic Community Recognition of Steven Shaw

Here is a link to the members of remembering Steven

9 days ago
9 days ago
Brandon Murray replied to a forum topic Can we donate a portion of our earnings to the Shaw family?

That would be nice to have a few different ways to donate as was mentioned earlier:

1) Direct donation through Paypal
2) Account donation from earnings
3) Donate influence to Steven's account

I would prefer to see the money go to the Shaw family rather than a charity or even memorial scholarship type of thing. The best way to honor him is to help take care of his family IMHO. I will participate in any and all ways. I'm still just sitting here in disbelief. :-(

9 days ago
Brandon Murray replied to a forum topic In Memory Of Steven Shaw | We Are All Community

I'll try to type through the tears, I just found out and chills went up and down my back, I'm truly shocked.

Steven will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him personally or communicated with him through Quirky. He was always helpful and always respectful, even if you guys didn't always agree on everything. I talked to him quite a few times through email, sometimes I would run a food related idea by him. Even if he didn't think an idea was right for Quirky, he would give you honest, positive, and constructive feedback. I joined Twitter just a few months ago, and Steven was and still is my only friend on there. The same applied to Quirky, even if you were new and had no friends, Steven was your first friend. I will always remember his love for good food, and custom T-shirts.

My condolences to Steven's family and extended family at Quirky. I wish I could be at the memorial service and share hugs with everyone.

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Essam Abozid
7 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
Lopper and Saw Combo
8 days ago
Hi. Could you please check out & VOTE for "Lopper & Saw Combo". Thank You.
Georgian-Andrei Todica
8 days ago
What do you think :
Vindhyachal KA
12 days ago
Hi, Check out my idea 'Smart Wallet ' and please vote if you like it
Mary Silver
21 days ago
I just added a new idea and would love the feedback - detachable smart phone amplifier -
Frank Billingsley
29 days ago
Hello Braandon, if you have a minute please check out my idea
Lee Acevedo
about 1 month ago
Hi Brandon please check out my updated video for adjustable ERF I just resubmitted my idea and hopefully this video is much more informative than before. Thank you for your support any feedback is appreciated.
tim campbell
about 1 month ago
voted ideas
Michael Lee
about 1 month ago
voted best of luck please have a look at my idea "faraday wheel sensor" and give a thumbs up if you like it. thanks
about 1 month ago
You have an incredible mind! Keep up the great work! Thumbs Up!
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