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Brian Shy

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oscar johnson
about 5 hours ago
Hi can you check my idea
Think Tank
about 1 month ago
Happy New Year! We can create something useful for the community. EasyCam phone case for IPHONE! Regards
5 months ago
Hello! I'm new on this site and would be curious as to what you think of my two new ideas that I just posted and if you think they are worth your vote to pass through to eval? PS I just clicked to follow you. Maybe you follow me too?
Rubin Jung
5 months ago
Hi, Brian. I'm Rubin, design researcher. I have been studying on creativity in crowd-sourcing and I need your help for short survey about your successful experience in Quirky. Please, visit the link. It will be taken about 10 minutes.
Maria Morrill
Maria Morrill
6 months ago
really like the name Resonance for the speaker!! :)
Allie Primerano
6 months ago
Hey, check out my idea Sunny Solutions Phone Case, any feedback would be greatly appreciated !
Born Inventor
8 months ago
Congrats on the sucess! Whether you have pets or just know someone with pets , I know you will love this product. VOTE to help "Pet Detour" go into production and on shelves!!
11 months ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
Vinay M
about 1 year ago
Hello Brian, In order to protect our children, wife, friends sitting on pillion seat, here’s my idea of Ear Phone Integrated Helmet, could you please vote if you like my idea. I will appreciate your vote and will return the favour if you leave me a message with your ideas that you want me to vote.Thanks
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