Brian Shy

Brian Shy

Chicago, IL Joined February 16, 2010

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S Gene
2 months ago
Please checkPlease check out and vote for BACK UP, a device that has the potential to save many lives!
Pavel Rezanka
2 months ago
Hello Brian, Hate drilling holes in the wall? Please check my sollution U-Hanger
oscar johnson
3 months ago
Hi can you check my idea
Think Tank
5 months ago
Happy New Year! We can create something useful for the community. EasyCam phone case for IPHONE! Regards
7 months ago
Hello! I'm new on this site and would be curious as to what you think of my two new ideas that I just posted and if you think they are worth your vote to pass through to eval? PS I just clicked to follow you. Maybe you follow me too?
Rubin Jung
8 months ago
Hi, Brian. I'm Rubin, design researcher. I have been studying on creativity in crowd-sourcing and I need your help for short survey about your successful experience in Quirky. Please, visit the link. It will be taken about 10 minutes.
Maria Morrill
Maria Morrill
8 months ago
really like the name Resonance for the speaker!! :)
Allie Primerano
9 months ago
Hey, check out my idea Sunny Solutions Phone Case, any feedback would be greatly appreciated !
Born Inventor
11 months ago
Congrats on the sucess! Whether you have pets or just know someone with pets , I know you will love this product. VOTE to help "Pet Detour" go into production and on shelves!!
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