Cameron Quatman

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My grandfather created Area Codes at Bell Labs, and coined the phrase "Green Thumb". So, its in my blood!! :)

Building Computers And Electrical Equipement


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Jose Chavez
3 months ago
Hi only 61 votes needed for my idea to reach expert review and 4 days left. Thanks for the follow. Will you take a look at my latest idea and vote for it if you like it. feel free to message me if you have an idea that you would like me to take a look at. Thanks.
Mark Schulewitz
4 months ago
Bring in the New Year with new Ideas, The purpose of this intro is to generate traffic to my Ideas and build up my followers. And in return I will visit your Ideas and follow and support your dreams. If you decide my idea merits a vote, please vote or leave a comment, and I will return the favor. Please leave the Vote # so I can credit you in my log book. And most importantly Good Luck with your dream. Have A Happy New Year and Happy Quirking ! Mark
4 months ago
Hi Cameron, Please consider my idea given at below link for voting; sincerely I will return the vote tomorrow as I am out of vote now, just let me know in props. Happy Nea Year 2014 :).
4 months ago
Good ski/snowboard theft prvention idea! Please check out my idea and vote for it if you like it!
Bryan Kaix
4 months ago
You have great ideas! I bet you have a laptop. I bet you need a case for it. Phones have otterboxes. Why not laptops.
4 months ago
i like your idea i will place a vote on your idea i will need your support on my wind proof table mantel clips
Glenny Rams
4 months ago
Hi, Happy New Year,
Mike Rabb
4 months ago
Can you help with a vote? I'm almost out of time.
norm lawlor
4 months ago
Follow me Lot's Ideas to Come!! Life is Good:) Kept the Idea's flowing 1) Newest One Quirky clock with a twist 2) RV Storage air-freshener Kills black mold? Please take a little time and look at these idea's and vote please
5 months ago
hi please vote for my idea and message me ! i'll return the favor !
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