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I spend my days thinking and dreaming, both at work and at play. My mind is always moving when i run or when i lay. I love people, food and my family. I hate not knowing and failure without learning.

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about 19 hours ago
chris-david submitted a new idea
Attachment20140417-56-x9twi Telecam-Caddy
about 1 month ago
chris-david replied to a forum topic Please post your ORIGINAL idea here

Corner Kaps to prevent Kids from hurting themselves from falls

about 1 month ago
chris-david added a comment to Corner Kap

thanks Alex;)

about 1 month ago
chris-david added a comment to Corner Kap

Hey Everyone please let me know what you think

about 1 month ago
chris-david submitted a new idea
Attachment20140222-14056-j1hgnn Corner Kap
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Essam Abozid
6 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
Lopper and Saw Combo
12 days ago
Hi. Could you please take a look at "3rd Arm" & Please VOTE. Thank You.
Oskar Kadaksoo
about 1 month ago
Check out my new idea! 3 in 1 Mobile phone protective cover, charger and portable dock. You can see blueprints, 3d pictures and VOTE here  Thank you for your time!!!
Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
Hello. Please go see my new quirky submission, " Magic Baby Bottle,"
Alex On Q
about 1 month ago
That's an adorable source of inspiration you've got there!
Connor Wickless
about 1 month ago
Hi, I am Connor. Please consider checking out and voting on my ideas. If they make it past Eval you should earn some $$$. Thanks, and let me know if you need support.
about 1 month ago
HELP me stop car accidents CAR BLUETOOTH STEERING WHEEL COVER HEART MONITOR this device will talk if your heart rate is on risk of heart attack then you can safely stop your car it can be ONSTAR compatible
Abdulrahman Krad
2 months ago
Hello, If you have a minute or two please take a look at my new idea and tell me what you think!
Jeffy C
4 months ago
Please check out my ideas. Thanks.
Barrington Lewis
4 months ago
Chris-David, would you mind taking a look at my idea?
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