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11 days ago
Christopher II added a comment to BudderBuddy

The only problem I would foresee with this product is that there are several sizes of butter sticks. If it was adjustable, it might work.

12 days ago
Christopher II submitted a new idea
Attachment20140406-21148-4371d6 Smart Dumbbell
12 days ago
Christopher II added a comment to The Picture Pin

This will damage a wall rather quickly. Every time you want to move a picture, you will have to fill in the hole. If you make a mistake, there is another hole in your wall. Sorry, but this wouldn't be for me.

12 days ago
Christopher II added a comment to *GE WIRELESS POWER CONVERTER

I think this is a wonderful idea, but, you have to remember, does this technology exist, and if it does, is it affordable for the average Joe? Quirky is looking for practical ideas, ideas which are feasible. To my knowledge this technology doesn't exist, and if it did It would have already been available.

12 days ago
Christopher II added a comment to Wonder Bucket

Great Idea, but if I were to give some advice, I have to say this currently is a slightly complex. I Don't see the need for the extra water slots, by removing those and material/ mop holders, I think it could be simplified, and would be less confusing and less bulky. I like the concept, but I think you tried jamming too many things into one. I do think having a supply holder is useful, so maybe you can add a shelf to the back, rather than have a small cubbie. I'm giving you a thumbs up, since I like the idea, but I do think it needs to be simplified.

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Joseph Daniel
8 days ago
Voted t up for Smart Dumbell.
Andres Lopez
9 days ago
Simple practical idea the dumbbells! TU! Please look over and support my idea of the Magic Magnetic Bands, that saves food and time for parents who dont want their babies to throw the food plates away. Only vote if you like it. Thanks!
Vindhyachal KA
9 days ago
+1 Voted - SmartWallet
Cathy Dawson
10 days ago
I like that "Smart Dumbbell" TU! GL.
Frank Billingsley
11 days ago
Hi Christopfer I voted, please check out my (Smart Cooker) idea.
Bert Timmer
11 days ago
voted & follow GL
11 days ago
Aloha, I gave your smart dumbbell a thumbs up, good luck. Please check out my Jacket Ina Pocket
Codie Scott
13 days ago
Hi There I'm Codie Scott from Nawlins LA, LOVE your concept, great idea! I voted Thumps Up! I have a couple practical ideas that people could benefit from. Appreciate you reviewing them. Not begging or going to plead for your vote. I think my ideas speak for themselves but if do approve. Like your support. Thanks and keep that brain popping with new ones, we all have that million dollar deep inside. Time to release it!
ashley taylor
15 days ago
could you check out my idea. thanks.
Lee Acevedo
15 days ago
voted bud :0)
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