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Kamel Abou Faraj
Kamel Abou Faraj
11 months ago
A power adapter that automatically unplug connected battery charger when the battery is full. This is my new invention, please take a look and vote if you like it Thnx
serena U
serena U
about 1 year ago
now following :D can you please vote on my project if you get a chance ? thank-you!
Connor Willey
over 1 year ago
'Dischiputor'. The next big food advancement. Check it out. Thanks! :
Joseph Buffington
over 1 year ago
Best wishes in the New Year… If you have time, Please take a look at Turn & Tell located at .Please let me know if you voted in the Community feedback so I know who to thank for the support. Thank you very much
Ryan Pendleton
Ryan Pendleton
over 1 year ago
Awesome review of the Nimbus! Thanks for the feedback!
niemand x
over 1 year ago
Have a look at my micro-shredder idea
over 1 year ago
Come see & vote for my exciting new ideas ! I'm new to Quirky. I look forward to your new ideas !
Charles James
almost 2 years ago
Hi. Please check out my Smartphone as cordless phone ideas.
Christine Torpey
Christine Torpey
over 2 years ago
Hi Erik, Thank you for taking time to write a review for Porter, I'm glad both couples liked it!
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