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5 months ago
fadetowhite replied to a forum topic Issues With Space Bar

Thanks Michael. I have received a Quirky gift card as well and I have a balance that I can use. I am debating it. Besides not wanting to buy another of the same product, the shipping to Canada thing leaves me to make the decision - buy from Quirky and hope the brokerage/duty isn't more than the $79 it would cost to just buy one from eBay!

I appreciate your concern and help. The Space Bar really is the best design for an iMac stand, which is crazy since it's been out for a few years now and no other companies have even come close to matching its design and functionality.

5 months ago
fadetowhite replied to a forum topic Issues With Space Bar

Thanks Michael. Unfortunately I've been told that because it is from 2012 and is no longer under warranty, the issues I am having are caused by "normal wear and tear."

I respectfully disagree. The entire unit's internal systems are no longer functioning as designed. That is not due to wear and tear. There is no wear and tear. My computer sits on the Space Bar and I have my mouse, keyboard, card reader and tablet connected via USB. I hardly ever unplug or plug anything in.

If normal wear and tear means that things stop working after two years, I don't have much confidence in Quirky products.

The new units look great, but there is NO WAY I'm dropping another $90 (plus crazy Canadian shipping, plus ridiculous duty and import charges) for the new and improved version of a product that I believe should still be functioning.

5 months ago
fadetowhite created a new forum topic Issues With Space Bar
I purchased a Space Bar in 2012 and I'm now having issues with it: 1. The slightest bump will render the power connection "unplugged." I've shuffled some papers on my desk, which knocked slightly against where the power connects to the Space Bar itself and the power has been knocked out. I barely touch the power cord and it works again. Then it doesn't. 2. The front-left USB ports no longer charge my devices as they did. It's a trickle charge that takes forever for smaller devices, and when I plug in either of my iPads, I get "Device Not Charging." 3. The USB speeds of the ports have slowed to a crawl. I have used them many times, but for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that the transfer rate is abysmal and nearly useless. To confirm, I pulled an SD card from my camera with about 4gb of photos on it. I used a card reader plugged into the front right port of the Space Bar. It said it would take hours to transfer. I left it and came back an hour later and the bar had barely moved. I plugged the same card and reader into the Mac itself and it transferred in minutes. I am able to repeat these behaviours, and while I have recommended this product to many friends, I am finding myself unable to rely on it besides it being an expensive stand for my iMac at this point. I have disconnected the power/usb and pulled an old, bulky USB hub out of storage that I luckily didn't throw away. I e-mailed support but have not heard a response.
over 1 year ago
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Chill the dough out.
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Marcos Ramos
almost 2 years ago
I would like to invite you to check out my first idea for Quirky: the FAN AEOLUS 360 (my monograph of 2001). Thanks! ... View in: www.quirky.com/invent/601042
claude b
about 2 years ago
4 port usb front charger or not charger?