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Getting Spotter to link
selvol 12/27/2013 11:00 PM

I finally got the spotter to listen and understand the blinking code.
What I did was placed a Magnifying glass over the home receiver on the spotter.

At least now my router shows it is connected.
Still my phone will not acknowledge or control any of the devices.
Spotter, Nimbus and the Power-strip.
This experience has been a real time waster....


Kati Eige
Kati Eige
Quirky Team

Hi James,

I'd love to help you out with trouble shooting this issue! please give us a call at 1-866-578-4759 so we can better assist you in finding the solution to all this!


@selvol. Spotter comes with version 1.0 firmware. And with certain phones or devices, the phone can't connected to the software even though Spotter connects to the wifi router. The green light means that Spotter is downloading the newest firmware so once the green light is off, Spotter has the newest firmware and it should start to connect if you run through the procedure.


The inbox Spotter currently has the first generation firmware so does have some bugs and missing features, therefore need new firmware to be downloaded to make it work smoothly.

Here are the steps if people are having trouble getting it set up and how to get the new firmware downloaded into Spotter.

1) Make sure Smart Device screen is on maximum brightness

2) Run through the blink up process. If you run into the oh, oh screen. Don't worry, as long as Spotter's blinking green, it's connected to the internet and to the server to download the latest firmware. Wait about 5 minutes for the firmware to download.

NOTE: Make sure you cover the entire home window for android devices and not allow room lights enter. See below video.
Blink up for Android Devices

3) Now delete the device from the Wink App. Go to the first screen add click add device.

4) Now click on the three bars icon at the top and click clear device.

5) Now put your smart device up against Spotter's home wink and allow app to flash Spotter. After flashing Spotter confirm that Spotter's light is blinking Orange.

6) Remove power from Spotter

7) Uninstall the WINK app from Smart Device

8) Reboot or Respring Smart Device

9) Redownload the WINK app

10) Load Wink App

11) Power up Spotter and try to add device Spotter again.

Any urgent issues, please reach out to the support team through or 1-866-5QUIRKY

For more useful info about Spotter, please read this post