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Quirky and GE are working to return patents to their intended purpose, to provide inspiration for future inventors. Welcome to a whole new way of inventing. Launching in May.

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Not just more things for you to think about, but things that actually think about you. Products that are smarter because of the power of the Internet and the simplicity of mobile apps.

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What is Quirky?
Quirky is a company that makes invention accessible by bringing new product ideas to life through its online collaborative platform. Our global community works with us in every aspect of product creation — from ideation, design, naming, marketing, right on through to sales. Click here for the whole scoop.
What is GE?
Is there a fee for submitting ideas?
Normally there's a $10 fee, but we're removing it for submissions to the Wink category.
How will this partnership affect community payments, influence & royalties?
It won't. Influence will be awarded and paid out the same way as it is for Quirky's other products.  The breakdowns of our royalties are well spelled out here.
Are you hosting a special product evaluation for these ideas?
We plan to host a product evaluation for ideas submitted to the wink category once a month. The first one will be on April 17, the second on May 22.
What's up with that Quirky logo?
Learn more- and help us define our new look here.
Whose name will be on the product packaging?
Quirky, GE and maybe yours.
What type of ideas should I submit?
Any ideas that can result in products that will be smarter because of their connection to the Internet, and your mobile device.