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Munster, IN Joined December 28, 2009

I am an entrepreneur through and through, companies fascinate me. There is nothing I enjoy more then learning about how people find ways to make money. Ideas truly are powerful things.

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about 6 hours ago
Michael Kloeckner added a comment to Blue and Yellow Pop

this is perfect, the yellow clearly stands out as the place to slide

1 day ago
Michael Kloeckner added a comment to Ceiling Fan Light generator

what would be cool is if they could charge themselves

for example

use power to run the fan at first, as it spins it stores up kinetic energy, then switches the power off when it has enough power stored to run itself

sort of like the Prius of fans

1 day ago
Michael Kloeckner added a comment to POPCORN SCRAPER

huge mkt and need

removing this stuff is a pain in the a@@

3 days ago
Michael Kloeckner added a comment to Caulking Gun Light

might be able to work with the Quirky Ions

3 days ago
Michael Kloeckner added a new tagline for SwitchVac
Cleans Corners & Crevices
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Jeannie G.
1 day ago
Michael " The Prius of fans"... I like it...and That's what we'll call it!! Left post in return thank You!
David Irish
4 days ago
have a great weekend!
7 days ago
Hey Michael! Thx for the tag props!! Cheers!
David Irish
10 days ago
Thanks for the congrats!
10 days ago
Thanks Michael. Best to you.
alissa beth fox
13 days ago
Good luck!
Broderick Pool
15 days ago
Thanks Michael for the review, best of luck to you!
16 days ago
Michael, thanks for your valued support - Best wishes on your inventions - Share your ideas with me, anytime.
Dmitrii Korobeinikov
about 1 month ago
Hi, Michael! A couple of weeks ago you voted on my water lifting idea. I am just letting you know that i resubmitted it! If you still like that concepts, please check it out: now it is called aqualifting. Thanks!
about 1 month ago
Please check out my new post ECO-Liner. Appreciate it
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