Quirky & The Home Depot are partnering to bring your product ideas to life.

Got an idea for a new product that would look great
on The Home Depot shelves?

We're looking for product invention ideas that make life easier, solve a real problem and put a smile on your face. Submit your best ideas for a chance to see your product on The Home Depot shelves and to make real money. Cha-ching!


Outdoor Living

Why can't your grill clean itself?


Outdoor Projects

How come you can't plant your garden without breaking your back?



Why isn't there a cleaning device that makes you actually want to clean?


Smart Products

Why can't you mow the lawn with the touch of a button?

About Quirky


Quirky makes invention accessible. We believe the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. We exist to solve that problem.


What is Quirky?

Quirky is a company that makes invention accessible by bringing new product ideas to life through its online collaborative platform. Our global community works with us in every aspect of product creation — from ideation, design, naming, marketing, right on through to sales. Learn more about How Quirky Works.

What types of ideas should I submit?

We are looking for outdoor living, outdoor projects, cleaning and app-enabled product ideas.

How will ideas get chosen for this Challenge?

Quirky and The Home Depot will collaboratively pick the best idea submissions to be reviewed and voted on at a live Quirky evaluation in our New York Headquarters. Tune-in to the live stream of the evaluation on Quirky.com 10/10/13 (7pm EST) to see what ideas get picked to be made!