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I dig technology, politics, and financial markets.. I'm an avid investor, news junky and a man of faith. I come from a very long line of engineers and artists, because of this I can grasp mechanical concepts quickly and can see things from a creative perspective. I've worked in sales for over 10 years and learned a lot about how people work and how to work with people. I love the Quirky business model and really enjoy being a part of this community. It has become a great creative escape from the stresses of life and I am really looking forward to collaborating more and more as this company and community evolve. Subscribe to receive updates on the progress of my Work Glove Idea:

Sales And Marketing Problem Solving Mechanics


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Lopper and Saw Combo
6 days ago
Hi. Could you please check out & VOTE for "Lopper & Saw Combo". Thank You.
27 days ago
Hi :)
Quirk Y
about 1 month ago
I would love to vote for your ideas it is tough to get votes on my ideas as well. Good Luck!
4 months ago
Thanks for Contributing to Spotter's success. Wishing you more and more payouts! Cheers!
Isabelle JOLY
4 months ago
Thanks for support Jordan
Jaymee Lepley
5 months ago
Thanks and congrats!
Lisa Laser
5 months ago
Way to go on getting to ER!
5 months ago
I think if you were to walk into any high school or middle school with this, 10 more votes would not be an issue! Best Of Luck ! ! !
David Irish
5 months ago
voted lucky #13 on your case - good luck to you!
Maria G Zepeda
5 months ago
Jordan I voted. I couldn't post a feed for some reason. I loved both ideas.
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