A case that holds everything with two outlet ports for all!


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My idea is a case that holds everything, Laptop, Ipad, phone, camera, Ipad...ect.
It will have a soft nylon outside. The inside bottom portion (laptop storage) will have a hard plastic insert for the laptop(bottom) and a strap across to secure the laptop(top). The hard bottom feature will allow for the laptop to be used while in place. Next to the laptop spot there will be a spot for the power cord storage and a port hole for it to be charged while in place.
The top portion of the case will have several different mesh and elastic pouchs (electronic holder spots) with cord holders next to each of them. A USB strip down the center of the case for each device to be plugged into while in place. On the outside back of the USB strip will be a pouch with a cord attached to plug into a wall outlet for charging all of the devices.


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i think this is what you are looking for: www.mypowerbag.com

AmieH (Submitter)

I should add that there would be a pad protector (attached at "seam") to go between the laptop and other electronics.

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About This Project

Trek Support Redesign Refine Phase

As referenced in this blog post, we are redesigning the Trek Support due to demand from a key retailer for its key features. For reference, the problem and design brief are below. Let’s see what you guys come up with!

Ever been on vacation, a business trip, or any type of travel and experienced the frustration of organizing multiple adapters and tangled cables for your devices? Many of us are traveling with a variety of devices these days, and it can really be a pain to keep mobile devices charged and organized. Often times you arrive at your hotel room or destination and have to find multiple outlets just to conveniently charge all your things. Charging ports are becoming more common on flights, but juggling devices in tight spaces can be a flight of fancy. When an outlet is not at hand, you’re not doing any charging.

Phase Design Brief:
Let’s work together to come up with a portable charging station that:
• Makes it easy to organize and transport your cables and portable devices in one handy product
• Works with a variety of USB-compatible mobile devices (phones, cameras, tablets that charge via USB)
• Fits iPads, iPhones, iPods (all iOS devices), and other devices such as Blackberry, point-and-shoot digicams, other tablets
• Has an integrated rechargeable battery for charging when not near an outlet
• Is convenient to transport: easy to slip into a bag or luggage; easy to hand-carry or carry on body
• Has an ‘upscale’ aesthetic and suitable materials to protect devices and stand up to the rigors of modern travel
• Is TSA-compliant