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This would fold up similar to the method used for the Pack N Play and stored in a soft case with a should strap. This way when it is empty it is easy to take around.

There would be a retractable handle that can be used when the when it is in use. There are also pockets on each of the sides near the top so you can store fragile items like eggs or anything you don't want with the gen pop area.

This can be used for other things like laundry and so on.

The sides would be a sturdy flexible material (not like the mesh shown in the pic).

The wheels will also rotate in a 360 degree per the original concept.


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Michael Taylor (Submitter)

I am familiar with that type...just couldn't find a pic. I wanted to at least post something a visual.

Do they make any wheels like the ratchet system I described? Or is that what you were referring to?

I can't say that I have heard of it and think that would be a first and a possible patent for Quirky...maybe. I haven't actually checked on this yet so if It does exist then it is all the more easier for us.


They sell locking wheels that you can tap with your foot. There is a company outside of Cleveland who sells wheels only, made in the US and elsewhere. There are several easier types available.

Michael Taylor (Submitter)

Just thought of this really cool idea for the wheels. and stairs building on my earlier comment:

"2. Now the wheels are suppose to be a 360 degree design. Easy fix for that is to put a locking mechanism on the wheels similar to those found on the front stroller wheels. This will keep your wheels stationary and ready for action."

Here is the best pic I could find to demonstrate that:

Now, what if you add a directional wheel lock to this? Similar to the directional lock found in ratchets.

Turn the mechanism and now the wheel only moves in the one direction (backwards like you are going up the stairs) and locks the other direction so you don't have to worry about it rolling away from you down the stairs (or maybe even a hill).

Michael Taylor (Submitter)

Going back to my original shelf reference in an earlier comment:

I think this can be integrated into the design itself. The shelf could be made out of a sturdy but flexible material that is able to fold with the cart itself.

Imagine 2 rods on each side of the shelf that can swivel up and down. These rods would be curved at the end to rest securely in a small hollow plastic cylinder attached to the vertical rods on the side it folds down to. When the shelf is not in use it can be set flush against the side wall and possibly held there with Velcro or some other means.

You can put your heavier items below and the other items on this shelf or in the integrate pockets and potentially the plastic grocery hooks.

Also, a top covered can be integrated into the top near the handle. It can be rolled up and secured when not in use and when rolled out it could be secured on the other 3 non-connected sides by Velcro. This would be great for rain or if there is a bike attachment option (to keep thing from flying out.

Michael Taylor (Submitter)

@Stalias - I think that the easier it is for someone to carry this to there destination the better this will sell. Portability is a big factor in this and I think a lot of the items on the market are still fairly bulky and cumbersome to take somewhere if you are going somewhere on foot.

I do agree with you on those folding chairs being a pain to put in the bag. I am not sure why anyone thought it would be a good idea to have the bag opening on the end where it makes it more difficult to slide the folded chairs in. They usually have different parts of the material still sticking out that you have to tuck in as you are sliding it in.

The Pack N Plays side zipper pouch is better and easier to load to me. Granted, the Pack N Plays are rather huge and are difficult to deal with when loading because they are, heavy, have multiple items to store (i.e. parts to dome covers, poles for a mid-level compartment and so on) and they are large with tight fit.

I think this will be much easier to deal with since it is not as large and will be much lighter

I do love the idea of having the bag sort of built in though. This serves as a benefit in different ways. You can easily zip the bag over the cart once it is folded up. When the cart is open you can reverse zipper the bag for extra storage. The carrying strap is concealed when you reverse zipper the storage bag too.

I think it is important to have a storage bag either way. This way you can carry it with you without it looking like you have a cart or stroller on your back. It just appears neater in appearance.

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Stalias .

Three cheers for portability!

Over-the-shoulder carrying when empty would be a huge plus, but I'm not a fan of the "bag" idea, mostly because feeding items into long, narrow bags is a pain. (I used to dread having to fold up our portable crib, and I still don't like putting the beach chairs away.) And then you need a place to put the bag when it's not in use.

Ease and speed of use -- including getting the cart open and putting it away --is a key selling feature for busy city folks. Perhaps there's a way for the cart to fold flush (no exposed hooks to catch on clothing) and latch, along with an integrated carrying handle? Or maybe the "bag" part of the set-up is part of the cart, the same way a hood can be zipped into an rain jacket or anorak.

Michael Taylor (Submitter)

@Ann Marie - Fantastic ideas!

I am really getting excited about this product and I don't even need one. ;-)


I would love to see the thing adjust in height from the bottom to top, for the sake of maximizing space (box of laundry soap, jumbo pack of tp standing on the bottom with stacked cereal, boxes, etc... filling the space.

With the next level up being able to adjust as well, eggs and fragiles or canned goods can go next up.

I would add grommets and closed S hooks that can swing from inside to the outside for bags of chips, lettuce, fresh fruit, to keep them from being smashed. A few grommets and hooks will radically increase usable space.

My biggest contribution idea is for the handle. If it curved toward you at a 45 degree angle and telescoped up for more height (like an extending an antennae), it would be easy to push. If the handle were able to turn around and lock like exercise equipment, it would be SO much easier to pull it up a flight of stairs, thanks to the proper tilt for the handhold to compensate for the tilted position.

When folded flat, a zippered pocket on the bottom could hold bags.

Michael Taylor (Submitter)

@Kaari - I don't see why we couldn't add a bike attachment. We can make this any way we'd that the Quirky staff feels is feasible and beneficial.

I meant to make the back wheels look bigger originally, but it looks like I forgot too.

Here is what we would do.

1. Increase the back wheel size to something physically capable of handling bumpy rides.

2. Now the wheels are suppose to be a 360 degree design. Easy fix for that is to put a locking mechanism on the wheels similar to those found on the front stroller wheels. This will keep your wheels stationary and ready for action.

Let's truly make this something worthy of the name Quirky!


Arty looks good. :-) Can we get this to have an attachment for a bike as well so that the handle could connect to the rear frame too? That way it could be easy to do bigger purchases and zip home fast.
The cart needs to be sturdy to be able to handle the bumbs on the road too.

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