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Makes Bathing a Breeze While Saving Your Knees

Stepping Stool Knee Mat

David Roy

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Stepping Stool Knee Mat.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image. I am on vacation and I didn't have access to much.
I think that this concept is quite easy to understand and would be very very usefull in the bathroom.
I would actually use it at home with my two yound kids.


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David Roy (Submitter)

@Quentin - When you have kids, you usually have a the following items in the bathroom. Stepping Stool and Potty. This design simplifies the storage of the Bath Mat itself, by having it stacked to create a stepping stool for brushing teeth and washing hands.

Quentin Karmark

great - quirky is going to design a bathtub diving board for toddlers.

Trevor Johnson

Once it's tooled for one it should be easy to shift into another.

David Roy (Submitter)

Thinking it over now, this design would work great for gardening too. A stool to sit one while doing flowers, to stand to water flowers that are hanging overhead, and a knee pad. I hope that Quirky looks into this. I would attach the second piece for storage directly on the stool. Multi-market product.

Huy Nguyen

Woot! The best design won. Congrats, David!

Sudarshana Ranabahu

Congrats David...

David Roy (Submitter)

Thanks for the support guys!! I think that this product has great potential on the online market! Good submission Jared!

Most of Internet surfers are women, and a big percentages are moms, and they enjoy shopping online, Check the stats: http://www.iab.net/insights_research/947883/1675

I also think that this would be a great Baby Shower Gift.

@Daniel - No hard feelings.

Darren Dub

congrats, good choice!

Stephanie Kaiser

Congrats David!


...now I hope that I voted for it...

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