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Ember is a portable study lamp that gives you more light and more plugs where you need them. Ember will charge your camera and power your laptop while illuminating your desk, or run your alarm clock and charge your phone while you read a book in bed. Anywhere you need a little extra light or power, Ember’s up to the job. Features: - Main unit includes an LED light, 2 power outlets and 3 USB outlets. - 7-foot extension cable lets you place Ember wherever you need it. - Integrated light has 2-foot flexible neck. - Frosted lampshade provides ambient glow around the sides, while providing a focused light in the center. - All cords wrap up and clip into one compact unit for easy transport. - Power cable and light arm come covered in durable woven nylon fabric. Product Dimensions: 6.7in x 2in x 1.7in (170mm x 50mm x 43mm) <i>Price, qty and features subject to change during production process. </i>


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About This Project

Product Naming

The winning Back-to-college product is Judi Sigler’s Power and Light submission. This design features 6’ of power cable, 2 outlets, 3 USB ports, a flexi LED lamp and hang hole for hanging the product where you need it! The lamp and plug clip neatly together and securely stow in the product for transportation. To see the final direction for this product, please go to this page

Now that we more-or-less know what this product looks like, it’s time to give it the perfect name.

Don’t forget to do a search for potential trademark infringement before submitting your name idea. This can be as simple as running a google search on your name submission. While we won’t disqualify a name that belongs to another product, store, etc., it might have an effect on our decision.

Words/phrases etc. to avoid:
• station
• buddy
• master
• captain
• colonel… you get the idea…
• Power
• Light
• Flex
• Study
• Any word that is similar to ‘Lumi’

Go to it!