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Grip It. Flip It. Serve It.

No real need for a spatula for BBQ


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Everyone wants a spatula to flip burgers. But flip burgers with a spatula is actually difficult when your entire grilling surface is full of food. So get rid of the spatula and just perfect the tong to make it more useful. All those tools are not necessary. You just need a great functioning tong. So a tong that doesn't deform the burgers but still can be used for hot dogs and chicken wings. How about a mechanism the rotates the tong heads after gripping the food 180 degrees so you don't need to rotate your wrist to flip the food.


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Dave Fulton

I don't know if buyers would get on board with the whole no spatula concept. Have you tried cooking ground meat that you hand shaped into a patty with tongs? It's an interesting viewpoint, and I agree that all the tools are not necessary. But from my experience the two tools you really want are a spatula and tongs.

I also think that the rotating mechanism is kind of over engineering a solution. I'm constantly BBQ'ing and rotating my wrist has never bothered me unless I was injured.

Jin Chai

Interesting idea and some mechanical challenges but would be cool if this is wearable on your hand and do cool tricks.

Denny2020 (Submitter)

photo is just for inspiration only. But let's perfect the tong and eliminate the need for a spatula. Cheers.

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About This Project

Concept Phase

Hey fellow Quirks, its time to come together to kick off the Concept Phase for the ULTIMATE “All-N-ONE” BBQ TOOL. In this project, we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and prototypes that illustrate industrial design directions for this amazing BBQ tool. We’ll use the top concepts as a starting point for our final design sketches.

In this round, you’ll want to think carefully about which BBQ tools are absolutely necessary to combine and really clever ways they interact / come together. Get inspired by other house hold tools and mechanisms to help draw up ideas. We’ll select several winners to form the foundation for Quirky Design Staff sketches in the next round.

Keep in mind that your idea does not need to be a single tool with every BBQ tool imaginable. In other words, stay away from the feature creepy designs. Adding too many features could move away from solving the original problems we are trying to tackle.

Also think about other issues such as easy cleaning, portability, and storage.

We are going to leave this project open for a week. This will give you time to build and test prototypes which will be very helpful for our design process. 10% influence is ups for grabs for the ideas that lead us in the right direction.