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This board comes with containers that slide onto your board, allowing you to push your chopped goods into it.


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Richard Salem

Lazy as I can be, I might chop it and eat right off of it -- like an ever-classy TV tray. The "Hungry Man" in me approves.

Vincent Vedie

No need these slinding containers, the only fact that board is upper from the counter is enough. You can push cut food in your own plates slided under the board.




I think it would be awesome if you made this design but added containers/grater/strainer/etc. on the OTHER SIDE too - and made it so containers/etc. completely fill underneath of it when stored...Right now there's only containers on one side of it, and when stored under the cutting board there's a lot of FREE SPACE...let's minimize that FREE SPACE and add more functions to this cutting board!

Charlie McGhee

I was about to write a post about filling the void of the free space underneath but see Doug's shown the initiative already. Fill the space and you remove what appears to be the only real criticism regarding the sturdy nature of the raised board.

Marjune Bagadiong

Hopefully this can adjust its height. But I like

Tyrel Hatfield

I really like this one!

Kirsten Casas

The board looks to weak and flimsy especially for hard to cut ingredients and when you need to cut at a faster speed, maybe flatter and you can make the containers a little wider to make up for the height.


I don't know about everyone else, but my counters are just the right height for chopping, this adds another 3 inches to the height of my counter? Also, having a cutting board flat on the table is basically bounce free, allowing me to chop and press down. I don't believe that even sturdy material will prevent this from bouncing.

Justin Giannone

This is probably my favorite. If a very hard material is used, and the legs are grippy, then I think it should be stable. Also, I don't think a couple of inches is going to make it so much harder to cut on, and would actually help if you used it on a kitchen table. I like than you will be able to slip plates and maybe even pots and pans under it.


Pls take care that teh bowl/cup are large enough. Pls also ensure that the whole contraption is easy to wash and clean. Notches , grooves are typically where dirt/muck accumulate over time.
Pls also enausre stability and robustness of the raised board.

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Refine Phase

Hey Quirks, time has come for the Modular Cutting Board refine phase! In the Concept Phase we chose two strong ideas that follow through cutting food to what happens post-cutting.

In this Refine Phase vote on the idea you like that deals with “what happens after you cut.”

Pour it, store it, display it… whatever it may be give us your comments, we’re listening!