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Pull Out Drawer

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Simply pull on the end of the handle to access all your hair accessories in a sectioned, sliding drawer.


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Pamela Mishkin

The problem with this is that it takes more than a second and possibly more than one hand to get a hair tie. You should be able to hold up a ponytail and quickly get a tie with the other hand.


This is good. storage is best in the bottom.

scott tucholsky

I agree the storage should come out of the bottom because it will be cleaner when factoring in enviromental concerns; however, the product language that is described by the concept suggests storage/hanging the product by a hook, etc. which would slide the storage into the open position, possibly causing spilling

Michael Pugh

This one is the winner in my book, because its very simple and looks easy to access, as well as a much more modern appeal to it. Maybe have an engraving inscribed on the inside of each compartment with the names for what should be placed where.

Robert Garnham

Yep separate chambers for organization. I can see myself using the slide out drawer more than and other design.

Melissa Fitzpatrick

i like this one because there is a little organization for your hair chaos :)

Just make sure that bobby pins do fit into one of the compartments.

Hanna Nasour

This would be an awesome concept only if it had a compartment on the back of the head of the brush.

David Chin

Good idea but may not be the most practical, agree with everyone else that accessories could cause the sliding drawer to bind or get caught especially with the small compartments offered. If this concept is used I think 2 compartments would be the most useful as well as most efficent.


Why not optional compartment? That way you can have it both ways!

CK Leming

I agree with Matt. All it takes is one clip or rubber band getting jammed the wrong way inside the compartment, & it won't slide properly.

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In this project we want you to submit sketches, images, videos, and other visuals that illustrate design directions for Aubrey Avila’s Hairbrush with storage. We’ll use the top concepts as a starting point for our final design sketches.