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Black & Purple

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Black body / Purple accents / Black bristles


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Moni John

Love the concept and maybe I can get my husband to stop yelling at me for having bobby pins all over the floor..lol. Love this color too!


See my scathing comment under the purple tips entry. Repeat.

Kathryn Stewart

I like this combination but agree with Helms would like it with a red combination in this style.

Phillip Hardway

I think this is a good color combination for both men and women, although I can see it getting some funny looks in the men's locker room.


I think the purple should be replaced with red. It would be more attractive.

Rebecca Madonia

It's too dark. The purple doesn't go well with the black. To catch people's eyes and get more sales it should be light and cheery!! :)

Pat Baldo

Good color combination that is eye-catching. Wish you had used combinations such as silver and black, silver the purple, silver and white; these appear high tech and appeal to a modern, hip audience.


i like this color,the black wont show dirt as well as the other lighter colors!!


This isnt quite as nice as the black one with purple bristles or the white/gray one with teal bristles but it has a purple back round behind the bristles which is O.K. as well. The black one with purple bristles is the best of my 3 choices.

Darren Rodenhizer

Color combination is both pleasing, and distinguished from other brush types.
This color combination with make the brush eye catching in the market place, and a "reach for first" brush in the bathroom drawer.

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About This Project


We’re almost at the end of the product development for the Hair Brush with storage. But before we launch, we need your help choosing some color groups.

In this project, we want you to vote on the final colors, materials, and finishes for this product.

Vote for the versions you like the best, and make sure you leave comments and suggestions as we might end up with a version that deviates from one or more of these concepts.