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11 months ago
Jasmine Clark added a comment to Iphone/Droid 4D : Answer calls and see a halogram in 4D of the person you talking to.

I've been waiting for this invention for years. Great idea, but they probably have this patented already. Still voted anyway good luck!

11 months ago
Jasmine Clark added a comment to Slide out drawers or shelves

Good idea you have my vote good luck!

11 months ago
Jasmine Clark added a comment to Black

Black is the best color for this helmet. Voted!

11 months ago
Jasmine Clark added a comment to LiliLite Original

While I'm not to happy about the colors this one is best in terms of the features it offers. Voted!

11 months ago
Jasmine Clark added a comment to Turquoise

Turquoise is definitely a neutral color great for both sexes. Voted!

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Joseph Daniel
about 1 month ago
Jasmine, OLD MAN NEEDS 41 VOTES. Side Sleeper Knee Pad. Great for people with SKINNY KNEES. Only 41 votes to go. Please vote if you like. Thanks, Grandpa Joe. https://www.quirky.com/invent/938215/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all
Tudor Dontu
about 1 month ago
When you have time please check out my idea and if you like it, I will be glad to have your vote. http://www.quirky.com/invent/908752/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all Thank you very much.
Robert Panerio
3 months ago
Hi, you are currently following me. I just submitted a new idea. I have done a lot of market research, and there is nothing like it on the market. I believe if my Rechargeable LED Light Stick is designed properly, it will be a huge seller. Please check out my idea and vote for it if you like it. Thanks for your time. http://www.quirky.com/invent/910229/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all
Gina Taro
3 months ago
Hi Jasmine. Please check out my color touch up idea. I think you'll like it! If you do, throw me a vote! Thanks, Gina
karen montaque
3 months ago
Hello there, looking for votes and feedback, please check out idea
Marcus Croom
3 months ago
I can't wait to see what your next great idea will be. Check this out: http://www.quirky.com/invent/826099
norm lawlor
4 months ago
Thanx for the follow right now in Mexico paragliding happy New Years Qbits New one
Vetock Bros.
4 months ago
Vote if you like my facial sun protector...it's a prototype..looking for polarized iridiumlens, going rimless and light material. http://www.quirky.com/invent/796207/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all
Jim Ghiglieri
4 months ago
Story Book is a great idea for children. Leave me a message when you vote and I will do the same for you. http://www.quirky.com/invent/821827/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all. There is a Facebook page dedicated to getting votes for your ideas that can be found here https://www.facebook.com/RonQuirkyFriends
Darlene Jarrard
4 months ago
Just wanted to say hello and I hope you have a wonderful new year, :-)
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