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Pizza Pan Holder
18 days ago
Hi. Could you take a look at "3rd Arm" & please VOTE. Thank you.
29 days ago
Hello :)
재헌 정
about 1 month ago
Please, If you haven't already check out my idea and vote for it if you like it https://www.quirky.com/invent/948586/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all . Thanks for your support and happy quirkin.
Oskar Kadaksoo
about 1 month ago
Check out my new idea! 3 in 1 Mobile phone protective cover, charger and portable dock. You can see blueprints, 3d pictures and VOTE here  https://www.quirky.com/invent/971783/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all Thank you for your time!!!
5 months ago
Please look at my invention the Identified Person. Imagine being able to take a picture of some on your Phone and have the Identified Person App tells you all the information of that person in a matter of seconds.  Please look at my other inventions too. Like the float or fly.
5 months ago
Please give me your opinion regarding this product thank you http://www.quirky.com/ideations/735381
Bob Albee
6 months ago
Hello, If you live in an area with curbside recycling using hand-carried bins, check out my recycling handle BINDLE at: http://www.quirky.com/invent/671310/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all This one has a great video! I added a couple of new ideas in the bicycle category that you might like, if you would be so kind as to give them a peek. Nautilus Bike Sprocket http://www.quirky.com/invent/700736/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all , Moldable Bike Grips http://www.quirky.com/invent/700802/action/vote/query/sort=newest&categories=health , Thanks, Bob
Stitou Soufiane
7 months ago
FLIP HEAD TOOTHBRUSH check out you will like it http://www.quirky.com/invent/671251http://www.quirky.com/invent/671251 and i will the same for you
8 months ago
please come see & vote for my exciting new ideas. I'm new to Quirky. I look forward to vote for your new ideas !!
8 months ago
Hi, My friend, please take a look at my new idea: http://www.quirky.com/invent/614702/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all Your valuable comments and suggestions welcomed. Have a blessed day!
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