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Quirky + Real Simple: Product Evaluation

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Joining Chat

Roy Johnson: Thats a pretty name.

Steven Williams: Vote For Selfie It's a cool idea

Elisabetta Danieli: I'm writing some pages for my Master abour Quirky

Elisabetta Danieli: about the conversational capital of Quirky

Elisabetta Danieli: What's the consumer's experience ?

Elisabetta Danieli: What would u suggest me ?

Sharon Marie Arter: Welcome Elisabetta from Shaz

Sharon Marie Arter: Elisabetta what university do you attend from Shaz

Sharon Marie Arter: Elisabetta did you get Approval and Permission from Ben M the CEO of Quirky? from Shaz

Roy Johnson: Ben M is not CEO : )

Roy Johnson: Ben Kaufman is

Sharon Marie Arter: Roy....Of Course from Shaz

Sharon Marie Arter: I will correct.... Elisabetta did you get Approval and Permission From Ben Kaufman the CEO of Quirky? from Shaz

Sharon Marie Arter: Roy...Elisabetta has left the Chat from Shaz

Roy Johnson: dang figures lol

Roy Johnson: a lot of people are doing "research" i remember last year 2 or 3 approaching me back then

Sharon Marie Arter: Yeah Roy....she answered none of my questions ....from Shaz

Sharon Marie Arter: I thought they were significant and important from Shaz

Ben M: I am totally the ceo

Ben M: ceo of pants and various things

Sharon Marie Arter: Hi Ben M yes you are from Shaz ...It is great to have you as CEO

Roy Johnson: Haha Ben : )

Roy Johnson: Hey Ben, how come Quirky doesn't tweet out the product launches anymore? It ended with mine : (

Jimmy Donohue: Does anyone know when the next product goes on sale?

Roy Johnson: Hey Anna

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Learn more about how Quirky works

How Voting Works

Decide the fate of chosen product ideas each week by participating in the Quirky Eval Process. Cast your vote for the idea in discussion and make your voice heard on the chat, to help the Quirky crew crown the next inventor.

Types of Votes

Sentiment meter.

Use the slider available at the top right of your screen during the eval broadcast. Like the idea? Slide it to the right. Love the idea? Slide it farther to the right. Hate the idea? Go left. Responses are calculated and displayed in real time.

How much would you pay?

This flash polling tool allows you enter the price you'd pay for a product. The average is displayed as soon as the polling is closed, helping to determine not just whether an invention is a good idea, but also whether people will pay enough to make it viable.

Thumbs up, thumbs down.

Vote yes or no on a proposition at eval. Would you use that sponge idea to clean your windows? Let the community know and inform the final decision.

Seeing the Results

After a vote is tallied the results are displayed on the live stream and discussed by Quirky Staff.

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