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13 days ago
13 days ago
LiveLong NQuirky added a comment to Pillow jacks

i like to use another pillow to "jack" it up.

13 days ago
LiveLong NQuirky added a comment to Single(Resub)

good luck getting women to wear this.

13 days ago
LiveLong NQuirky added a comment to WiFi Clock w/ Battery Drawer

iv'e got this clock and it fits in my pocket. it tells me the time, date, weather it even lets me talk to other people when i push buttons on it. when its low on batteries i plug this cord into it and an hour later its like all brand new.

13 days ago
LiveLong NQuirky added a comment to Spray Bottle Solution

theres a patent on this already. its used currently by clorox corp.

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Lopper and Saw Combo
10 days ago
Hi. Could you please take a look at "3rd Arm" & Please VOTE. Thank You.
Frank Billingsley
12 days ago
Nice idea Voted, if you have a minute please check out my Smart Cooker. Best of luck with your ideas.
Lee Acevedo
27 days ago
Hi Bud if you have time can can you please check out my updated video for adjustable ERF I just resubmitted my idea and hopefully this video is much more informative than before. Thank you for your support any feedback is appreciated.
Jae Shim
27 days ago
Great idea! Voted for Sock Swiffer! Good luck and please check my idea at https://www.quirky.com/invent/971661 Thanks!
Michael Lee
27 days ago
great idea love it. please have a look at my idea and give a thumbs up "faraday wheel sensor" let me know and i will return the vote. thank you
David Perogil Martin
about 1 month ago
Hi friend, I think your Next Gen. Facial Cleanser is an interesting idea. I expect you can review my ideas and give me your opinion, thanks! http://www.quirky.com/david-perogilmartin/ideas.
재헌 정
about 1 month ago
Please, If you haven't already check out my idea and vote for it if you like it https://www.quirky.com/invent/948586/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all . Thanks for your support and happy quirkin.
about 1 month ago
vote #200. Your idea is brilliant. I would buy it! view my ideas and vote. Thanks
Oskar Kadaksoo
about 1 month ago
Check out my new idea! 3 in 1 Mobile phone protective cover, charger and portable dock. You can see blueprints, 3d pictures and VOTE here  https://www.quirky.com/invent/971783/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all Thank you for your time!!!
Muhammad Muzamil
about 1 month ago
Could you please vote for my ideas? or just take a look and give me a feedback? Could really use your expertise. http://www.quirky.com/muhammad-muzamil/ideas thank you
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