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"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones." -- John Maynard Keynes


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3 days ago
Mark Fusco replied to a forum topic Influence Council: One Member's Thoughts

Ok. Both demos are equal. You can only sign one artist though, do you sign the one you heard first, or the one who better fits the culture or "story" of your label?

3 days ago
Mark Fusco replied to a forum topic Influence Council: One Member's Thoughts

Clinton -- I will never agree with that point. The key to success in anything (even in making personal endeavors successful to yourself only) is taking a general concept and bringing a clear and concise plan and vision to it in order to make it a reality.

Let's take another approach to your music example. Two musicians try to gain exposure for their demo. One burns a pile of CDs, quickly scribbles a name on it in sharpie and hits the streets, wearing whatever, and tries to shove a copy in the hand of any and every passerby in any general area, without any greeting or context whatsoever. The other artist puts their demo on iTunes, creates a nice businesscard with name, context, and online address to the demo, and hands these cards off to shoppers outside of a record store.

You're otherwise unfamiliar with either, but who's honestly gonna get your attention? Let's be honest here. Marketing and presentation matter -- even to you.

Of course, I know your rebuttal will be that the scribbled CD might have the better music on it. That's may be true. My rebuttal: A tree fell in a forest just now -- did you hear it?

My plan to lose 15 pounds is awesome too. But until I visualize (self market, if you will) the benefits of losing that weight in a way that I get psyched about, it won't happen.

8 days ago
Mark Fusco replied to a forum topic In Memory Of Steven Shaw | We Are All Community

My deepest condolences to Steven's family, particularly his young son, and to Quirky. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

8 days ago
Mark Fusco added a new name for Fruit Leather Maker
8 days ago
Mark Fusco added a new name for Fruit Leather Maker
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3 days ago
congrats v2
alissa beth fox
4 days ago
Congrats Mark on Pluck V2 I like the the darkest Deep Magenta the best since the contrast of egg residue will be noticeably higher while cleaning it.
13 days ago
I just placed an order for Pluck. I can't wait to get it!
14 days ago
I am a novice here on Quirky, hoping to follow footsteps of some of the pros, like you
4 months ago
Thanks for influencing Spotter. Wishing you more and more payouts! Cheers!
Chris Pivec
4 months ago
Congrats on your success. A great idea - I could never do it the old fashioned way.
Patti Adair
4 months ago
Just wanted you to know that I just received my "Pluck". What a nice design. Can't wait to use it.
5 months ago
Great work with Pluck Mark! I'll be following for more. Best of luck!
Elizabeth Wingfield
5 months ago
PLUCKBUCKS! Love saying that. BTW, Lorin Ryle is from Austin.
Sharon Kral
6 months ago
Here, the adage on your profile, Mark. Have a good one!
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