Mary Quillin

SoCal Joined October 01, 2011

I'm a 63 year old consumer. I know what I like and what I don't. I'm a growing tech person. Getting into 21st, 2nd decade technology. I'm not a first user, but usually adopt ideas/products earlier than my peers and those older than I. Traveler. I'm newly diagnosed Parkinson's Disease person.


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1 day ago
Mary Quillin added a comment to Blue and Yellow Pop

blue & yellow pop.
It's soothing blue, but bright yellow.. the red/yellow combination was to jarring for me.

about 1 month ago
Mary Quillin added a comment to THE EASY MEATBALL MAKER

My meatball making skills are nonexistent. If I could see the use and if I start needing perfectly round meatballs is interest.

about 1 month ago
Mary Quillin added a comment to Fire Simulator

I don't understand the concept of mimicking the flicker of fire under the car. I don't know if this would be useful.

about 1 month ago
Mary Quillin added a comment to Booze Control

Restricted access to liquor is a good society value.

about 1 month ago
Mary Quillin added a comment to Smart Wink Pet Crate/Cage

I don't understand dogs. But it seems to me that the dog would have less accidents if it were taken out of the cage and walked. Also, The Dog Whisper says ever dog needs training. Maybe another way to handle accidents, is to do a remediable dog training class.

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about 1 month ago
Hi Mary, If you have time please let me know what you think of my new idea
4 months ago
Thanks for your previous vote on The World's Best Root Beer Float. We were only a few votes shy of making Expert Review last time so I wanted to let you know that I have resubmitted the idea. Thanks for your support!
Darlene Jarrard
over 1 year ago
Hello Mary, I hope you are doing well in all areas of your life. Have a pleasant day! : )
angelo cacchione
over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
Thanks for all of your great feedback Mary! Welcome to Quirky!
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