Momatthecape Kim Rumberger

Hyannis, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) Joined December 03, 2011

Common Assessments Facilitator for Barnstable Public Schools, married to Tim, Asst. Principal of Mashpee High, mother of 3 young men: Austen, Brant and Kyle. Kyle is a sophomore at Wheaton College and plays Div3 lacrosse there, studying economics. Brant is Physics/Math major, just graduated cum laude from Northeastern University in Boston. He did 3 co-ops: MIT Lincoln Labs, Northeastern Nanotechnology Physics Lab, and CERN (the particle accelerator) in Geneva SW. Austen is a Butera School of Art graduate, an excellent sign maker, and works for Cape Cod Beer. We have 2 rescued Rat Terriers - the best companions in the world! We all played lacrosse in high school or college - love the sport! Kyle's neck is the photo of the product idea :) The kids gave the me Momatthecape alias when we moved here years ago. We live just down the street from the Kennedy Compound in beautiful Cape Cod.

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Lopper and Saw Combo
8 days ago
Hi. Could you please check out & VOTE for "Lopper & Saw Combo". Thank You.
Vindhyachal KA
12 days ago
Hi, Check out my idea 'Smart Wallet ' and please vote if you like it
alissa beth fox
15 days ago
Good idea and Good Luck
Muktesh Bhatte
16 days ago
Hi.Please spare some time and review my Food warmer that creates a wonderful dining experience, especially for unassisted elderly people and please vote for it if you like it. Thanks.
19 days ago
Hello. Please check out my new ideas. I would be honored if you can kindly consider take a look at my ladle. I would appreciate your thoughts, comment and vote. Thank you.
Tommy Gentry
21 days ago
Will you check out my idea, Bluetooth Mattress Topper. Its a mattress topper with 2 built in phone chargers by your pillows, and a bluetooth sound system to watch TV/movies in bed, or just for listening to music. It also works as an alarm. Thanks.
28 days ago
Hi :)
Troy Zam
30 days ago
Would you mind swinging by my page when you have a moment, i released 6 really good ideas recently and could use your feedback/vote! Thanks
재헌 정
about 1 month ago
Please, If you haven't already check out my idea and vote for it if you like it . Thanks for your support and happy quirkin.
Motivation 7
about 1 month ago
motivation 7you have my support thanks.
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